Choosing your first HR software: Questions to ask the vendor


At this webinar, Lanteria HR experts explore questions you should ask your vendor before you buy your first HR system.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

Rapid growth

Your company has grown and you can't manage employees without HRIS anymore
Outdated technology

You`re looking for technology to replace Excel, Google Sheets, or a simple inbox solution
You're tired of neverending sales pitches

No selling allowed in here - sheer expertise sharing
45 minutes
Video recording + eBook

Our Speaker

Alexey Shehovtsov
Alexey Shehovtsov
Product Advisor

Alexi has 8 years of an exceptional career, built on helping companies to find the perfect HR software to fit their company's needs. He has thousands of conversations (and quite a bunch of 6 to 10-hour long calls with the buyers) behind his shoulders, many of which happily took his advice and found the best solution on the market.