Employee performance reviews: Classic & Modern approaches


Customers often ask us: "What is the best performance management approach? Is it an annual performance review or regular 360 will do? Or maybe there are some other techniques?" We decided to answer that in our recent webinar.


Let's compare the most common performance review types, and help you decide which one suits your company best.

45 minutes
Zoom / Youtube

Our Speaker

Irina Plygunova
Irina Plygunova
Project Manager

Irina is a Global Implementation Manager at Lanteria with over 2 decades of experience in Information Technology and Human Resources Management.  She has worked for numerous Fortune 50 and professional services companies, most recently in the HR and Talent Management business areas.  Certified as Project Management Professional, Business Process Re-engineer as well as ITIL support solutions best practices, Irina brings her knowledge and expertise to guide customers in planning, building, and deploying their new HRIS system.

What will you learn in this webinar?

Detailed description of what we will discuss


A few words about the host and Lanteria
How does performance management looks today

We'll go through: • Regular annual performance reviews; • 360-degree performance reviews; • Ad-hoc performance reviews; • Check-ins; • Employee feedbacks.
The evolution of performance reviews

The path of finding and implementing the best practices.
Choosing the best approach for your company

A set of advice from Irina to guide you in your path of choosing the best approach for you.