Thursday, May 28 @ 11:00 AM PDT

Online (Zoom/Youtube)

Getting ready for the quarantine exit 


Who will benefit from this webinar?

HR Managers & Executives

People Analysts

Digital and HRIS specialists

May 28
11 am PST
~45 minutes

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Here's what we will discuss

  • Introduction
We will kick off the webinar by covering the most basic questions about the situation around quarantine and how it harmed (or not!) HR departments in most companies.
  • Lessons learned during the quarantine
Social distancing, working remotely and other habits learned during the quarantine - how will they affect our future?
  • What are businesses looking for today?
Businesses are coming out of the pandemic looking, more than ever, for fairly priced quality, flexibility, speed, and sustainability. Open talent models and platforms are going mainstream given the access it gives to on-demand professionals and specialists.
  • Roadmapping quarantine exit
What path should HR leaders follow to? We'll discuss it!
  • Returning to the office - strategy and tactics
We will talk about the importance and benefit of engaging employees before and during their return to work, knowledge of the areas that people should consider when planning and implementing the return to work, and, in the end, ideas for solutions and how to deploy them.
Right after the webinar you'll receive the recording of the event