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Corporate Vision recognized Lanteria as the 2019 Business Innovator Awards Winner

We're happy to announce Lanteria HR was proclaimed as The Best HR Software 2019 by CV Magazine.

Many years in a row CV Business Innovator Awards rewards Lanteria's team for the hard work and dedication. We are honoured to have the opportunity to use this platform to showcase the ingenuity and creativity of our HR, Learning and Performance management system for SharePoint.

Discussing the success of their winners, Steve Simpson, Awards Coordinator commented: “Over the years we have seen many outstanding firms take part in the programme. I am phenomenally proud of this year’s... [Continue reading...]

Training Discussion Boards

When it comes to trainings, this learning process often involves a lot of communication between training participants. This communication may be needed at any training stage: before the training (attendees may have some questions or suggestions before the training, while the organizer may have an announcement for everybody), during the training (to discuss the training topic or to create minutes of meeting, for example), and after the training (post-mortem discussion, questions, future plans, etc.). The organizer may need to share some information, required for the training, such as the... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria became Microsoft Preferred Partner

We’re happy to announce Lanteria’s been recognized for proven customer success as Microsoft Preferred Partner and Lanteria HR became Preferred Business Application.

Every year Microsoft recognizes partners for creating and supporting business apps in Microsoft 365 using SharePoint, PowerApps, Microsoft Forms, Power BI and more. This year Lanteria was honored to join this program and get access to Microsoft field and customer resources, to craft ever-better SharePoint HR management solutions for our customers. 

Learn more about this program and how to join in, on the Microsoft... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria HR is now available for SharePoint 2019 users

Once Microsoft released the long awaited SharePoint 2019, Lanteria immediately started developing a new version of its HR management system to offer its customers all benefits brought by this new SharePoint. And finally we’re ready to present you Lanteria HR for SharePoint 2019.

So, what updates were made in the SharePoint 2019, that can possibly impact users experience? Read more about it in our article: https://www.lanteria.com/news/lanteria-and-sharepoint-2019-what-expect

Choose a perfect LMS for your business needs

Choosing an LMS - Not for the faint-hearted

There are over 800 LMS on the market today and choosing a right one takes a lot of effort and collaboration from both the Human Resource and the IT department.

However, when the right Learning Management System is deployed the outcome is amazing:

Workforce gets right skills for new achievements Training administration costs decreased Employee satisfaction and engagement are increased Compliance training is delivered and recorded Learning progress is easily tracked and reported Overall company performance grows

Once you... [Continue reading...]