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5 Tips for Welcoming New Team Members

5 Tips for Welcoming New Team Members

A welcoming workplace is a key to employee retention and the 'foundation stone' of developing a healthy work culture. A team culture where employees feel accepted and valued helps employee retention and produces high-value human assets.  

A welcoming workplace is especially applicable when you are hiring new team members. The starting day at a new job can be overwhelming; with the right onboarding plan, you can cultivate a culture of trust and inclusivity and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages new employees to stay on board.

By implementing a process-driven approach with...

Unlocking Potential: Supporting Learners in the Workplace for Success

Supporting Learners in the Workplace

The modern workplace is changing and evolving. As companies take on new challenges, they must find ways to support their learners and unlock potential for success. But how? It all starts with a supportive learning environment.

It is an effective and productive way to develop talent and build a motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce. Adopting learning programs harnesses a range of benefits, from increased employee satisfaction to improved retention rates; also apprenticeship programs are a proven way to help individuals develop their careers while generating results for the...

How to Turn Your Staff Socials Around When They’re Not Social

When your staff socials aren’t social

Staff socials are one of the most important events in any organization. They're a great way to build morale, strengthen relationships and create a positive work environment. But when your staff socials aren't going according to plan, it can be very disheartening.

Whether you're dealing with lackluster attendance or awkward conversations that just don't seem to take off, this blog post will explore some tips on how to turn things around. From creating the perfect social ambiance to introducing activities that encourage meaningful conversations – let's explore the key tactics you need...

Tips for Returning to Work From Maternity: Navigating the Transition

Returning to work from Maternity; an employee’s point of view

Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience, and transitioning back to work set up after having a baby can be difficult and overwhelming for new moms. For some women, returning to work is a welcomed break from parenting challenges. For others, it's a difficult transition fraught with anxiety and guilt. 

However, rolling through the data it has been seen that in April to June 2021, the office of national statistics reported three in four mothers (75.6%) were at work in the UK, reaching its highest level in the last 20 years.

But how do you ease the transition and make it a...

Building Rapport

Sometimes we just click with people and sometimes we just don’t

Building rapport and relationships are essential to professional growth, regardless of industry or job function. Whether you're a salesperson or a software developer, building genuine relationships with people and establishing yourself as a trusted contact is invaluable for career success.

But how do you do it? How exactly do you build relationships that will help boost your professional development? In this blog post, we'll discuss six key strategies for building rapport successfully and maximizing your potential for professional growth. Read on to learn more.

What is...