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Lanteria announces its new integration with ZipRecruiter


We’re thrilled to announce Lanteria’s integration with a leading US employment marketplace for job seekers and employers - ZipRecruiter. 


With this integration, we focus on delivering our customers a fast and simple job broadcasting experience. ZipRecruiter allows distributing job openings to over 50 job boards in a single click. Using this tool, our customers will be able to reach a tremendous number of active job seekers (over 25 million), making it faster and easier to find top talent.


The new functionality enables recruiters and HR managers to... [Continue reading...]

Panel Discussion: Getting Ready For the Quarantine Exit


Have you prepared your team for the quarantine exit? Let's talk about tactics with experienced HR gurus from all over the world!

Watch our free Panel Discussion below!

We'll go over:
* Lessons learned during quarantine and how they will affect our future work life.
* The open talent mindset - What are businesses looking for today?
* Roadmapping the quarantine exit: what should every HR expert focus on.
* Returning to the office: engaging employees before and during their return to work.

Our speakers:

Ben Geoghegan, Business... [Continue reading...]

Tutorial: How to create customized interview forms

Well structured processes are key to running business smoothly - and hiring is one of the most crucial ones. Building a perfect team is a goal of any HR professional, this is why you should always keep an eye on your hiring strategy and make sure your candidates’ evaluation process is strong and consistent. 

Having a lot of applicants doesn’t make this task any easier, though. But there’s one thing you can do to simplify your hiring significantly - creating customized interview templates for different job openings.

Lanteria Recruiting solution provides an easy-to-use... [Continue reading...]

Tutorial: How To Create a new field in the Performance Review Data (Site Content)


While some market leaders have already eliminated traditional rating-based performance evaluation, about 70% of companies worldwide still use this good old tool for measuring employee performance. 

Most companies conduct performance reviews once or twice a year, to track progress and set new goals.

What are the other purposes of using performance evaluation forms?

Give valuable feedback about worker performance Understand employee strengths and weaknesses Plan employee development and training Inform about employment decisions, such as promotions,... [Continue reading...]

Tips & Tricks for Managing Remote Teams using Lanteria HR


Many of our clients have reached out while their teams are transitioning to working remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With so much uncertainty in the air, daily tasks can feel overwhelming, and having to form new work habits in your home can make these tasks feel even more difficult. For those of you who aren’t used to working remote, we’ve compiled what’s been most helpful for our users so far:

Setting up Performance Check-ins & Ad Hoc Reviews for Accountability

Performance Reviews are even more crucial when working with a remote team to ensure everyone is... [Continue reading...]