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Funny Award Titles for Employees

Funny Award Titles for Employees

The acknowledgment of employees is essential in order to keep them engaged and motivated in an organization. And funny employee awards are a great way to thank your employees while also having some fun at work! 

In this article, we’ve gathered some ideas for the funny awards category. If you want to have a great office awards day and get some giggles, feel free to apply these funny award titles for employees!

Category - Everyday Activity Awards

The Coffeeholic Award

This award is given to the employee who loves and drinks coffee. No matter what time of day it is...

AI Recruitment: Your Human Resource Partner

AI Recruitment: Your Human Resource Partner

The traditional hiring process takes a long time to finish - but technology has dramatically shortened the average time-to-hire. But, taking it a step further, AI has been integrated into many companies' recruitment processes, saving them even more time and money. If you're planning to overhaul your recruitment strategy, AI is the best way to go. Read on to learn about AI for recruiting!

What Is AI for Recruiting?

AI for recruiting is applying artificial intelligence to the hiring process to develop a shortlist of candidates and speed up the steps in the process. It mainly...

A Comprehensive Guide to Skill Assessments

A Comprehensive Guide to Skill Assessments

With so many applicants on the market, creating an engaging and personable candidate experience is more vital than ever. However, you must strike a balance between this and selecting the finest talent for your position.

In today's employment market, job skill tests can provide recruiters a market edge. Candidates who are hired based on their abilities rather than their history are more likely to remain longer and perform comparatively better.

If you’re ready to apply job skill tests to your hiring strategy, read on; we’ll walk you through the process. 

What Is a Skills...

Recruitment Statistics Every HR Professional Needs to Know

Recruitment Statistics Every HR Professional Needs to Know

There's no denying that hiring may be difficult. In this robust economy, finding someone who checks all the boxes is much harder. Employers are fighting for top talent, and you need every advantage you can get. Therefore, we've produced a list of the top recruiting statistics to assist you in developing a successful hiring plan.

1. Shortage of Talent

If you don't employ good people immediately, someone else will gladly take them away from you. Therefore, it is essential to not put off recruiting or overthink hiring decisions. The best talent is generally simple to spot; move...

Software Engineer Job Description

Software engineers work together with their customers or employers to create and implement customized software systems. They can develop everything from operating systems and middleware to network control systems. Their job is determined by the needs of the company and the desired outcomes. Software engineers play a critical role in the creation of real-world software. 

What Does a Software Engineer Do?

Software engineers create, build, and test software applications for computers using computer science concepts and technologies. They handle the complete software development...

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