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Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment – Is There a Difference?

Recruitment and talent acquisition are often talked about like they go hand in hand—in some cases, even mistaken for being the same thing. Believing that to be the truth could launch you far past a simple misunderstanding and put unnecessary strain on the hiring process.

There are so many qualified and well-rounded individuals out there, and when numerous candidates become applicants for a spot in your company, there isn’t a singular correct way to handle it. There are, however, methods that are more efficient to execute than others - methods that are well worth exploring,... [Continue reading...]

HR software implementation deconstructed. Webinar Recording


The recording of the webinar might be useful for:

HR managers. Learn how Lanteria can help you manage all of your tasks remotely and keep them organized. Executives, Team Leads. Discover how to keep your team as productive as even before the quarantine. Current Lanteria HR customers. Unleash the full potential of your HR system during the work-from-home era.

Our speaker

Karin Smith

Project Manager with extensive experience in software development, building and mentoring engineering teams. Solid expertise in Software & Platform... [Continue reading...]

Talent Sourcing – How to Use It to Build Your Talent Pipeline

Sourcing talent is a crucial component of any candidate acquisition strategy – according to a Recruiting Benchmarks report from Lever, sourced candidates have a much lower applicant-to-hire ratio (1:72) when compared to traditional applicants (1:152). The data of over 4 million candidates and 1,000 companies were analyzed over the course of 1 year, so the results are quite dependable.

A low applicant-to-hire ratio is an important recruitment metric for any HR manager to pay attention to. Slow hiring damages your company in the long run, as you’ll lose out on revenue and productivity... [Continue reading...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Talent Pool

How to Build a Talent Pool

The topic of recruiting is always relevant for any company due to personnel turnover in organizations of various scales. Finding a worthy replacement, even for one valuable employee, may be quite a challenge within a short timeframe. A provident way of avoiding hasty recruitment is building a talent pool.

What Is a Talent Pool?

A talent pool is a group of employees and job applicants who are potentially capable of taking over a specific position in the company. Creating a talent pool is an effective management instrument to provide the... [Continue reading...]

Big news: Lanteria’s podcast “Getting clue on HR tech”

Do you like podcasts? We sure do!

This is why, from now on most of our webinars and panel discussions are available on podcast platforms, so you can listen to them on the go. We talk about HR trends, tools, and software, giving you fresh insights on HR technology.

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Here is a short teaser of the two first episodes we have:

1. "Choosing your first HR software". Alex Shekho, HR software consultant with over 8 years of experience... [Continue reading...]