Plan and execute targeted training programs with Lanteria SharePoint LMS to develop high-performing employees.
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Learning Environment

Equip your organization with E-Learning courses (SCORM), videos, documents, quizzes and web links and deliver them according to your training goals.

Targeted trainings with Lanteria HR

Quizzes and Tests

Сreate quizzes and tests that reflect your company’s unique development needs, as well as the individual needs of your employees.

Creating quizzes with Office 365 and SharePoint using Lanteria HR

Webinars and Classroom Trainings

With a user-friendly design, administor blended learning techniques for better results, and effectively manage both attendees, and trainers.

Learning Courses Calendar based on SharePoint with Lanteria HR


Get global insights and total analytical reporting from data collected from the learning and development of the entire company.

Learning reports and dashboards by Lanteria HR

Compliance and Certifications

Create job-specific, mandatory trainings and certifications. Track expiration dates and report on compliance requirements.

Reporting on compliance training with Lanteria HR

Go1 and Linkedin Learning Courses

Access thousands of courses from LinkedIn Learning and GO1 Content Hub through your organizational Learning Catalog.

LinkedIn Learning and Go1 Content Hub courses in your Learning Catalog

Learning Budget

With Lanteria HR you can track costs spent on employee learning by assigning budgets to individual employees and specific job roles.

Training Budget Report in Lanteria HR

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is software designed to assess a specific learning process. Nowadays, it is used in all kinds of industries, including the HR sphere.

Why Do You Need an LMS? Key Features for Your Business

With the help of an LMS, you are able to create, organize, and implement a learning program - as well as store your content in one place and reduce the risk of losing important data. The platform is used by admins, learners, and training managers.


These are the main benefits of Learning Management software:

  1. Courses and other learning materials are available for members at any time, no matter where they are.
  2. All materials are stored in one place, which makes it even easier to use them.
  3. Since students can access their materials remotely and anytime, they comprehend and acquire information more quickly and efficiently, which positively reflects on the duration of their learning process.
  4. The progress of students can be tracked with the help of a Learning Management Solution.
  5. To add, create, edit or update learning materials, admins and instructors only need to access the LMS and make the necessary changes.
  6. It is highly recommended for learners to integrate their social learning experience into their eLearning strategy. LMS can be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  7. Learning management software seriously reduces the costs of training and education.

Office 365 and SharePoint – Two Learning Management Solutions

Without a doubt, you are well familiar with both Office 365 and SharePoint – now you can use either platform to train your workforces in the most effective way.

Whatever service you decide to use, you’ll be able to create a collaborative environment to provide learning tools to your team members. Learners can obtain certifications for completing courses and picking up new skills, while dashboards help you track their performance and analyze the overall progress of the team.

Lanteria SharePoint LMS: Main Benefits

Our long-time customers value the rich functionality of Lanteria’s learning management system module. For instance, it offers multiple workflows – such as e-Learning, quizzes, classroom/event education, mandatory training, and external training – to provide the best and most effective learning process to your workforces.
Training managers can schedule and add users to events, mark attendance, and complete training. The best way for your employees to consolidate the information acquired during training is to add practicums and have your learners do the tasks, which is possible with the Lanteria SharePoint LMS. To evaluate participants’ knowledge, you can build quizzes and assign them to your employees.

learning reports with Lanteria LMS

To track results, use Lanteria’s LMS reporting feature. Generate reports on:

  • Development Activities
  • Learning Materials
  • Required Training
  • Expiring Certificates
  • Development Needs
  • Classroom Activities and Trainers
  • Development Activities
  • Training Feedback
  • Training Budget

And much more!

Obviously, being an HR platform, Lanteria also allows you to track the costs spent on employees’ training. There’s a tool that can help you set up a budget and check how much has been spent on a particular member’s training.

Build Your Perfect LMS with Us!

Lanteria’s main goal is to simplify all processes that have to do with hiring, recruiting, and training, yet help you find employees who could lead your business to success and prosperity. If that’s what you strive for, plan and implement your LMS carefully.

With the help of the Lanteria SharePoint Learning Management System, your company will benefit from the ever-developing learning company culture and the improving learning productivity of your workforce.

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One of the great things about Lanteria is the complete customer orientation and flexibility. While working on our training project they could really understand our needs and delivered solution, which totally met our expectations.
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