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Lanteria HR released a new integration with Microsoft Teams

Lanteria HR released a new integration with Microsoft Teams. 1/17/2022. 4.8. 4.6. 4.7.

Employee Goal Management Software | Lanteria

Our software makes the goals clear and transparent, fostering better team collaboration. Employees can easily update the finished tasks and goals in real-time and track their progress.

SharePoint HR Templates - Maximizing Efficiency with HR Workflow Templates in SharePoint

It is tricky to balance efficiency, compliance, and employee engagement in the face of the face of the diverse challenges HR teams face.

SharePoint for HR Management: The Ultimate Guide to Success

Microsoft SharePoint is an amazing collaboration tool that can be a game-changer for HR managers. It enables you to create custom databases and add features tailored to your organization’s needs.

Team Building: 6 Winning Strategies for Building High-Performance Teams

Welcome to the challenge of Team Building and teamwork. In today's hectic corporate landscape, successful collaboration is an absolute must for success.

How SharePoint Intranet Improves HR Communication

SharePoint HR is one of the world's most successful collaboration solutions for companies. In the past two decades, SharePoint has grown to more than 100 million users worldwide.

How to Build an Effective LMS in Microsoft SharePoint

· Team collaboration. We all know that learning through play is more efficient than just pure learning.

360-Degree Feedback for Optimal Performance: A Field Guide

360-Degree Feedback for Optimal Performance: A Field Guide. 11/8/2022. 4.8. 4.6. 4.7. 360-degree feedback is a powerful performance management tool for helping employees, teams, and organizations reach peak performance.

How to Enhance Team Wellbeing in Remote Working: The Field Guide

By collaborating remotely, you are forced to work with software and technology solutions that are not always ideal for fostering a sense of community and cohesion within your team. Remote working can come with its own set of challenges.

The Top 10 Recruitment Challenges to Tackle in 2021

It's a long-term, collaborative endeavor that demands you take time away from your regular responsibilities and gain approval from your coworkers. General Tip.