How SharePoint Intranet Improves HR Communication

Businesses can face grave consequences as a result of poor communication: companies lose productivity, staffs become disengaged, and projects fail at an alarming rate without good workplace communication. 

Therefore, a people-friendly HR intranet is a great approach to promote communication and improve staff participation. One such HR intranet example is Microsoft’s SharePoint HR.

SharePoint HR is one of the world's most successful collaboration solutions for companies. In the past two decades, SharePoint has grown to more than 100 million users worldwide. One of SharePoint's most valuable features is the ability to create an effective intranet since communication is critical to the success of any sector or industry.

The tool also promotes corporate culture by enabling your employees to get the knowledge they need in a way that best suits them.

Here are a few ways firms can increase their internal communication using Human Resources SharePoint features:

1. Makes Remote Working Between Teams Easier

A SharePoint-powered intranet provides businesses with a reliable, adaptable, and easy-to-manage solution for their remote and in-office teams when used appropriately. SharePoint intranets have the tools that employees require to increase their productivity, which boosts remote teams' productivity and collaboration.

2. Keeps Employees Well-Informed 

A SharePoint HR intranet can serve as a virtual meeting place for your staff to communicate with each other successfully. The tool has a lot of functionality and the necessary customization options to tailor it to your business needs. You can select from various plug-ins, workflows, and other widgets for your corporate intranet page, which can quickly assist in searching, saving, or safeguarding vital company data. The Intranet portal assists businesses in disseminating information within their organization, which aids in the effective management of information, people, and projects.


3. Enables Multi-Directional Communications

Historically, information flowed only downwards in a hierarchical structure. Employees rarely have the opportunity to speak with company leaders, and as a result, a lot of valuable feedback is missed. On the other hand, A SharePoint HR intranet provides a solution by allowing employees to comment on articles uploaded by others in the company. This is an excellent technique to promote communication and ensure that employees' voices are heard.

4. Acts as a Fantastic Tool for Teamwork

When working on projects, everyone must collaborate as a team. SharePoint allows teammates to work on documents at the same time without interfering with each other. Co-authoring is a fantastic method to obtain immediate feedback on your ideas and efforts.

A SharePoint HR intranet can also be applied as a project management tool to improve team collaboration. Team members can look through the list of unfinished tasks, check deadlines, dependencies, and so on, and communicate with those who need to know.

Employees can also pose inquiries in real-time. Employees who are permitted to respond to questions receive email notifications whenever a new query is posted on the portal. The response can be either individually emailed or publicly posted, depending on the privacy of the query. 

5. Provides a Centralized Location for Storing and Sharing Documents

When it comes to protecting important documents, SharePoint-powered intranets are fantastic. The tool provides an extensive search option that allows users to locate the data they have submitted.

SharePoint also lets you share documents and data at any time on any device you choose with your team. It can be in Word, Excel, PDF, picture, or video formats. In addition, you can establish a secured system for storing confidential company files and set up customized user permissions to access, download, or edit these documents.

6. Inspires Creativity

A SharePoint HR intranet provides a single platform for employees and team members to publish creative ideas, discussions, photos, and more. This creates efficient communication between employees and boosts employee satisfaction.

7. Allows You to Communicate On the Go

Employees need access to corporate material wherever they work, no matter what time of day or what device they are using, as more firms adopt a portable working atmosphere.

Using a SharePoint-powered Intranet, employees can access corporate material wherever they work and anywhere in the globe, which feels like having an intranet in your pocket.

Employees can use mobile devices to access corporate information from SharePoint Mobile and SharePoint Online. This implies that you can view, evaluate, and modify papers with colleagues even when you are not in the office. 

Lanteria: The SharePoint HR Solution

SharePoint HR intranets are powerful tools that boost communication and effortless sharing of data to achieve organizational success. And Lanteria, the premier HR management system, is built for SharePoint and Office 365. Get access to a wide array of HR features - from recruiting and learning to performance and compensation. Reach out today to learn more!

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