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How to Build an Effective LMS in Microsoft SharePoint

How to Build an Effective LMS in Microsoft SharePoint

Whenever you need to hire a new employee, you need to provide them with full onboarding training, so they can start their work as soon as possible and be fully prepared.

Depending on how well this training is built and developed, your new hires will either have a hard time figuring out how to deal with new responsibilities, or they will start showing great results from the first days of work.

Of course, the more time it takes for a new employee to get used to their role, the more money the organization loses, and the riskier the new hire’s position becomes. That’s why a good and elaborate training plan is in both parties’ best interests. 

The training management software SharePoint is a platform that allows HR managers to build a customized Learning Management System, also called LMS. By providing a digital workspace where employees can have access to the essential training information at any time, SharePoint contributes to your company’s success.

SharePoint LMS is an advanced Learning Management System developed specifically for the SharePoint platform. With SharePoint LMS, organizations can efficiently manage their training programs, track employee progress, and deploy multimedia content seamlessly. The integration of SharePoint LMS enhances the capabilities of SharePoint, offering a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to optimize their learning and development initiatives.

Why SharePoint LMS Makes Sense

There are quite a few solutions for HR managers to build an LMS for their workforce. However, SharePoint is certainly one of the most used platforms, and there’s no wonder why it’s so popular.

  • To start with, SharePoint is a Microsoft app, meaning a very reliable and attested company stands behind this tool, so it’s the first sign that SharePoint is worth trying.
  • Second, the platform is one of the fastest-growing programs in the history of Microsoft, which still continues to attract businesses from all industries and add more and more features for their customers to use.
  • And last but not least, Microsoft claims that over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. If that is true – and Microsoft really doesn’t need to mislead its customers by providing false information – it’s safe to say that a good, customized, well-built training plan is the true recipe for the success of today’s corporations.

Enhance Your LMS with SharePoint

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Key Features of SharePoint LMS

SharePoint offers HRs almost endless features to help them build a great Learning Management System. Just to name a few:

·  Content management. SharePoint LMS makes the process of uploading learning material and approving it very simple.

·  Training management. Set reminders and create task lists to make sure that your employees always keep up with the training and complete their tasks in time. In addition, you can add due dates and training events to a calendar and share it with your staff.

·  Permission management. Surely, employees from different departments and on different levels might need different training courses. With SharePoint LMS, you can upload multiple courses and allow access to them for particular groups of workers.

·  Team collaboration. We all know that learning through play is more efficient than just pure learning. Obviously, by ‘play’ we don’t mean building sandcastles in a sandbox, but what you can do with SharePoint LMS is add communities and discussion boards so that your learners are able to communicate with each other, practice new skills together and just take the edge off of the training by having a laugh with their colleagues. It is also possible to implement gamification to improve learning outcomes.

·  Easy synchronization. Once a learner is signed up, SharePoint will automatically synchronize with the company’s systems thanks to the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, so your employees won’t even need to create and remember another password.

·  Feedback. The best way to improve your training is to ask trainees to provide feedback. Conduct surveys to find out what your learning course lacks and how you could make it better.

Key Integrations of SharePoint LMS

LMS software would make no sense without integrations with other services, platforms, and solutions. SharePoint isn’t an exception – its integrations provide an advanced learning experience for new hires. For instance, the platform is integrated with the following tools:

HR Services

HR Software integrated with SharePoint LMS offers automated enrollment of a new employee in LMS training, which is based on any changes in the HR system, such as new job responsibilities. It also provides automated updates on learning records like completed courses, assessments, certificates, and others.


This integration helps create and put together training courses by gathering learning content. After that, you’ll be able to manage your trainings assembled in LCMS.


CRM helps deliver training to a sales team and connect with customers prior to and post-sale to contribute to product onboarding and guarantee product feature adoption. In turn, these processes drive customer education.

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ECommerce Services

 With the help of eCommerce services, you can easily buy and implement third-party courses.

AR/VR/MR Services

It helps build very elaborate training, particularly in such industries as manufacturing and healthcare. A thought-through training plan will increase learning engagement and efficiency.

Collaboration Services

If your training involves online meetings with an instructor, you can integrate Microsoft SharePoint with Zoom or Slack and schedule a meeting for learners and the teacher.

Social Media Platforms

Make your employees feel proud of their achievements by providing them with an opportunity of sharing their results with their friends on social media.

Customization Capabilities of SharePoint LMS 

Customization is key when it comes to building your own Learning Management System. SharePoint allows you to customize employees’ performance dashboards, learning workflows, LMS page navigation, and layouts. Additionally, SharePoint offers learning content templates to help you build your LMS.

Ready to Implement an LMS?

A high-quality Learning Management System is extremely important for companies that are striving for success. It makes sure that your new employees get all the necessary information before they start working in your organization.

Lanteria’s SharePoint LMS helps develop high-performing employees by planning and building efficient training programs. Its user-friendly design and useful learning techniques will help your learners quickly figure out what their new role is about and what is expected from them. Reach out today to get started

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