Continuous performance feedback and check-ins

Everyone knows when the performance review season starts. It’s the most stressful time of the year when even solid performers feel anxious. For managers, face-to-face performance reviews are just as tense. It’s simply uncomfortable, this is why HR managers should be emotionally and technically prepared for this conversation. And by saying “technically” we mean HR software, which will make the review season less stressful and more productive.

The main challenge with the appraisal process is the fact that the performance of too many employee’s activities must be compressed into a single chat. Effective performance management requires a continuous dialog between managers and employees that includes: regular check-ins, feedback, coaching and developing a career plan. This dialog ensures employee’s performance is aligned with organizational goals.

Evaluating the success of every activity during the year without robust HR software, that tracks the time and performance of the entire workforce, puts a lot of pressure on both the HR manager and employee.

Feedback interface with three reviews

Solutions that greatly simplify the performance review process are Employee Performance Feedback and Check-Ins by Lanteria.

The employee Performance Feedback tool allows you to collect honest opinions about co-workers in the form of text messages that do not require planning and preparation.

Employee Performance Feedback could be given on an employee or an entire team’s work on a particular project. Additionally, employees could be assigned to a category, which gives an idea of their personality, such as Great Performer, Customer-Oriented, Leader, Expert, Team Player, etc. These categories are customizable in the employee feedback settings.

Employees can leave their feedback at any time. As a feedback giver, you can make your opinion public or available only to the employee and his manager. If you’re a manager, you will be notified about the feedback given to your subordinates and could leave a comment if you wish to do so.

An employee performance check-in, which is also simply referred to as check-in, is an ongoing performance conversation or one-to-one meeting between an employee and the employee's manager where they can give/receive information and feedback about any topics, related to the employee's performance or career development, such as employee's goals, tasks, achievements, next career steps, advice, etc.

With Employee Performance Feedback & Check-Ins you get a deeper understanding of employee’s performance and personal skills, to deliver a positive message during a one-to-one conversation, making the “performance review season” less nerve-racking.