OKRs and Goal management

Goal management is more than just setting key objectives and measuring employee performance. It’s a collaborative process that both helps managers use and develop a workforce’s skills and drives a company to better business results.

Unfortunately, goal management comes with a bundle of challenges:

  • You don’t have clear and documented company goals, therefore you can’t assess your workforce’s contribution to a company’s success.

  • Employee goals are not measurable and verifiable. Either you can’t effectively track employee performance when goals are not realistic or time-bound.

  • You set the same objectives every year. As your business evolves, your workforce should develop too, overcoming new challenges, and setting new standards of productivity.

With Lanteria’s Performance module, you can drive your goal management to the new level, designing goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART):

  • Link your workforce’s goals to the overall company’s objectives. Employees want to feel connected with organizational strategy and be sure their work makes the difference and company management is aware of that. By creating clear and transparent company goals that are converted to team-performance goals, you prove employees are a part of a big picture and increase their motivation.

  • Based on the selected career path, set quantitative and qualitative goals for every employee and track its execution progress. Employees can update the goal’s status with Employee Self Service, and the result will be automatically included in a performance review form.

  • Enable HR staff to see how the company, department and employee goals are aligned together using the Goal Map. Managers can track the productivity of their subordinates using the My Team Performance report.

When goals are properly designed, they inspire employees to stop worrying and start executing - the single biggest driver to a company’s success. 

Goals and OKRs with Lanteria HR