Lanteria releases LMS for SharePoint 2010

Lanteria is happy to announce about the official release of the EffectiveStaff 2010 Learning Edition (SharePoint LMS) for SharePoint 2010. It was done as a part of the global project to implement SharePoint 2010 support for the whole EffectiveStaff.

Lanteria Technical Director Sergey Balog commented: “…SharePoint 2010 support is an extremely important strategic initiative for Lanteria. SharePoint 2010 has delivered a lot of new features, which we could utilize in the EffectiveStaff 2010. That will bring even more benefits and advantages to our customer. Even though we will still develop and support EffectiveStaff for SharePoint 2007…”

EffectiveStaff 2010 Learning Edition can operate on all SharePoint 2010 editions (including SharePoint 2010 Foundation).

As was announced Lanteria plans to release the full EffectiveStaff HR solution for SharePoint 2010 in September 2010.

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