New Absence Management Enhancements

The new features were implemented:

  • Absence Plans
  • Special Absence types and rules
  • Reporting


Now, the HR can manage absence plans and associate them with different categories of employees. Absence Plan is a set of rules to allocate the vacation, sickness or other allowances that include such rules as annual vacation allowance, carry over, extra days, and any special rules. Absence plan can be associated with countries, job roles, and employees.


Also, the possibility to define different absence types was added. These types will be used for employee absence requests and for absence rules for the absence plans creation. Besides, a variety of reports for different groups of employees was developed.



  • Vacation balance to date
  • Employees vacation records and requests



  • Team vacation balance to date
  • Team vacation pending requests



  • Vacation balance for the date (summary)
  • Vacation balance for the date (detailed)
  • Pending vacation requests
  • Vacation records


Now, the following functionality are available:

  • Employee can see the vacation balance, actual to the date and have ability to request the vacation.
  • Manager can see the vacation balance for all the team members, see and approve the vacation requests.
  • HR people can see the vacation balance for the whole company, approve the vacation requests and see the detailed reports.

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