EffectiveStaff becomes Lanteria HR

​We are extremely glad to announce that the SharePoint solution for Human Resources Management we’ve all enjoyed for so many years now has a new name. Instead of EffectiveStaff, we’d like to introduce you Lanteria HR.


“We had planned this change for a while,” says Kayne Kreitzer, Lanteria’s Director of Sales & Operations. “Even though the old name illustrated the whole idea of the product very clearly, renaming EffectiveStaff is being done to leverage the strength of the Lanteria product lines and to align its corporate and product brand identities.”



Although it’s a big step for the company, we made it barely noticeable for the average user by eliminating any changes in our licensing or pricing policies. All current EffectiveStaff modules and features remained functional and were automatically replaced by the Lanteria HR solutions in a seamless transition.



This change reflects the company’s ambition to develop a strong corporate identity that will represent its products and services to its clients and partners. Along with the decision to change the name there will also be some branding updates coming, which we will notify you about when these changes are launched.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re always available to answer!

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