7 reasons HR departments use SharePoint

SharePoint is the fastest-growing Microsoft product that helps thousands of organizations to improve their productivity and collaboration.

HR management is one of the most common areas SharePoint is applied for. Many companies have chosen SharePoint-based solutions and portals to manage employee database, store HR documents, automate onboarding, conduct performance evaluation, and track employee training.

What makes SharePoint so efficient for HR needs? 

There are 7 main reasons many HR professionals decided to use SharePoint:

1. Collaboration between employees, managers and HR professionals

Nowadays HRM software is not something that works only in the HR department but in a whole company. Collaborative, self-service portals help deliver needed information like company policies to employees and managers as well as enable them to upload data like personal details. That saves tons of HR dep’s time for the important things.

2. Amazing storage for employee documents and HR content 

With its built-in document management features, SharePoint is a great storage of your policies, procedures, employee documents and other HR content.

3. Personalization based on user role

It is extremely important to deliver the content people need by their role. Employees, managers, or recruiters need different information and features. SharePoint solutions can easily do that. 

4. Customizable based on your specific needs

Each company is unique and HR professionals have their own specific goals. Do not break your goals to align with a system, but customize the system to work how you need it! SharePoint solutions like Lanteria HR are fully customizable and can meet your specific needs.

5. Highly Integrated with MS Office

Microsoft Office products like Outlook or Word are commonly used, so that’s a great benefit when your HR software can be integrated with MS Office! Imagine all interviews, absences and training automatically being populated to Outlook calendar – and that’s just one piece of Office integration.

6. Security based on Org Structure

Security is absolutely crucial for sensitive HR data! You would need to set up your permissions not only based on the user group but also depending on what place a person holds in an organizational structure.

7. HR Portal accessible everywhere

With SharePoint, you would have a portal accessible from any place and device: your work laptop, home tablet, or your mobile phone.

We built our Lanteria HR solution based on SharePoint and now you know why. Contact us today and we will explain to you even more how you can benefit from SharePoint and Lanteria for your HR strategy!


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