How to design interview form template

As an employer, you know that your main job in an interview is to ask questions, but how to not forget all of them? System allows design Interview templates that will be generated for the interviewer and used for applicants’ assessment.
Let’s consider case with standard questions used during HR Interview stage.


1. To create interview form template title go to Site Contents – Interview Form Templates list. Provide template title and click Save.

2. The following questions will be used for HR Interview stage:

* Tell me about a time when your communication skills got you through a difficult situation?
* What motivates you to do the best on the job and give us an example?
* Tell me about a day where the workload was too much and what you did?
* Expected Salary

3. To add interview questions go to Site Contents select Interview Forms list, List tab and click List Settings.


4. Click Create Column.
In the Column name field type a short internal name. Notice, internal field name should be without space. You can edit filed spelling after saving. Select field type Multiple lines of text (allows to add larger text to the field. You can choose an option to add plain or rich text with bold, italics, etc.)

In Description field type question you are going to ask during an interview.


5. Click OK to save question.
6. Do the same steps for next two questions;

7. To add Expected Salary filed, select filed type as a Number. Specify Require that this column contains information No if you want to make the field optional and complete Interview form without filling out salary. If Expected Salary should be mandatory select Yes.


8. Click OK to save question.
9. To add sections and fields to HR Interview template go to Site Contents, Interview Form Sections list, click New item.
10. Type section title, select HR Interview template for what new section is going to be used, specify section order.
11. In Section Type field select Form Fields.
12. In Section Fields type internal field name, use semicolon to divide fields’ names.
13. Click Save.


14. Repeat steps 9 – 13 to create Expected Salary section.


15. In Vacancy Details, Interview Stages section, when schedule interview select in Interview Form Template field HR Interview form.


16. Interviewer will be able to work with form by clicking Fill Section button.


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