Enterprise HR Solutions on SharePoint with Lanteria

When companies invest in SharePoint, they often have grandiose ideas as to what they want to build on it. Others simply provide it to departments with the hopes that they will learn the tool and build solutions using the UI.

To help companies get the full advantage of using SharePoint for their business, Lanteria has developed an enterprise software for HR and Financial management. Today we’ll focus on their HR solution called Lanteria HR.

Understanding Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR is a comprehensive Human Resource Management system that manages the entire lifecycle of your organization’s workforce, from hire to retire and everything in between.

As a SharePoint product, Lanteria HR can be easily customized to fit all of your company’s needs. After a short setup, you can start working right inside of your SharePoint environment with no additional efforts required.

The full system provides 7 modules for operating different HR processes in a company:

· Core HR
· Absence Management
· Compensation & Benefits
· Recruiting & Applicant Tracking
· Performance Management
· Learning Management
· Succession Planning

Lanteria HR also contains a Reports Center that allows to generate various reports, using ready-to-use templates or by creating custom ones.

Lanteria HR in Action: A Picture is worth a 1000 Words

Figure 1: The Core HR module allows you to maintain a centralized database of all company information, manage the company’s structure and enhance visibility of it for both employees and managers.

Figure 2: The Time and Attendance module enables you to set up the company leave policies, automatically calculate absences, and establish collaborative leave approval process.


Figure 3: The Recruiting and Applicant Tracking solution empowers you to unify and automate the entire recruitment process to ensure you get the right people onboard. You can analyze information on open positions, create new job openings, and get them approved with ease.


Figure 4: With the Performance module, you can view rich profiles for employees that follow their personal, department, and company goals and assign both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Employees have their level to fill out and manage, while managers and HR professionals have their own levels of administration.


Figure 5: The Reports Center has built-in reports that provide feedback on the health of your company.


Figure 6: The Learning Management module by Lanteria allows to completely automate learning management and improve employee skills in a collaborative learning environment.



Overall, Lanteria HR was clearly designed to be simple and to take advantage of the SharePoint functions. All of the workflows are already created for you in SharePoint in a very easy-to-use clean interface. These solutions can help HR and the rest of the organization create electronic and streamlined processes for company-wide collaboration.

All solutions you’ve seen here are available on SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365. The pricing is based on the module and number of employees.

Source: http://www.collabshow.com/2015/10/21/enterprise-hr-solutions-with-lanteria/

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