Every company needs to hire, train, and retain the best workers and each year there are many new professionals entering the field. On the path to a successful career, they have to gain valuable experience first and, for companies, the hiring process becomes a never-ending circle of onboarding.

But how can you hire effective employees? How can you ensure you’re not missing a talented one? It doesn’t matter how large a company is, its personnel department has the most difficult job. Nowadays, it’s possible to automate the recruiting process and not to worry about that perspective specialist forgotten in a pile of resumes.

Ways of Improvement

1. Use a simple program that can help keep your hiring process organized. There are specialized companies that organize recruitment calendars to track just how many interviews you have on any given day, keep resumes in a centralized place, and schedule meetings.

2. Try to avoid recruiting for different jobs at the same time. It will help you avoid mixing targets and concentrate on the exact qualities you need at the moment. If it is necessary to hire several positions at the same time, try to leverage different recruiters.

3. Make diagrams and lists where you can organize every posting with its necessary characteristics. It would be easier to accept or to deny a person’s request according to an exact list of qualities.

4. Use all available job-seeking resources in their best form. Ask recruiting sites to send you a summary everyday with any new vacancies and available candidates to avoid missing anyone.

5. Use an automated test system. Offer consistent tests to all new candidates that show their abilities. From hostess to engineers, tests are appropriate for all professions.

6. Be savvy in your hiring practices by using as many electronic-system benefits as possible. Let candidates highlight their skills by writing a short essay and ask them to send via e-mail – keep as much paper out of the process to avoid confusion.

7. Don’t be afraid of hiring young, inexperienced specialists alongside more experienced professionals. Varying your company’s talent can become your strongest benefit with different points of view and creative ideas.

8. Copy successful companies’ ways of recruiting management. Learning from others can lead you to success.

9. Do not forget about television and radio advertising. Of course, the Internet serves as a primary source of information, but TV and radio are still valuable recruitment platforms.

10. Hire or outsource a person who will sort out and communicate with unwanted and unsuitable candidates. It will significantly reduce your percent of wasted time.

Ultimately, do not avoid systematizing data, even if you are sure that you will remember everything! We all are human and our memories are not as reliable as electronic one’s.

Signs of Wisdom

A good leader never:

· hires people because of their agreement to a lower salary, but not skills;
· spends time on unnecessary things;
· follows subjective opinions (for example, hiring somebody’s relative – it’s the worst);
· neglects new technologies and possibilities.

On the other hand, a good leader always:

· finds the best way to optimize resources;
· stays open to progress;
· cares about the company’s benefits, not just his or her own;
· realizes the company’s needs to move on to new horizons.

Optimization of your hiring process results in stable and guaranteed qualification of employees. Don't waste time, money, nerves, and other critical resources - automate your recruiting processes with comprehensive software, such as Recruiting solution by Lanteria.