On-premise vs. cloud-hosted software: what is the best for you?

SaaS, or cloud-hosted software solutions make a deep impact on the world of technology. Most business owners opt for them these days. It’s easy to follow the trend, but how to make the right decision between SaaS and on-premise software to achieve the maximum efficiency for your business?

Even though software functionality might be the same, type of deployment which is right for you will depend on several factors. But first, let’s go deeper into what both deployment methods mean.

 Cloud-hosted software (SaaS) 

Cloud-hosted software solutions are owned, delivered and maintained by remote providers, with an installation located on third-party servers. Here are the benefits of this deployment method for your business:

Low entry cost – to get the software serving the needs of your business, all you need to do is to purchase paid subscription and perform the installation. The software is ready for use immediately, with zero expenses on purchasing hardware and maintenance.
Free (and timely) maintenance – you won’t need an IT department to ensure software functionality; all maintenance, backups, updates and service are performed by providers of cloud-hosted products.
Access from anywhere – with portable devices and internet connection, you and your employees will easily reach the data away from office.

 On-premise software 

As opposed to SaaS, on-premise software resides on the company-based server and is managed by in-house IT staff. Although it is considered costly, it provides a range of other advantages to the company:

Full control over systems and data – if data security stands above all for your company, on-premise will prevent leakages as all data is stored and controlled internally and on-premise software offers more efficient security options.
Your own dedicated IT team ensures an uninterrupted performance and handles software maintenance (i.e. monitoring, updating, backups, upgrading and troubleshooting). If you have an IT team, on-premise software is easy to customize for any needs.
Easy to integrate into existing company software when taking data to cloud can lead to leakages. To prevent data exposure on the Internet and maintain the security police, new software should also be installed on-premise.

To minimize costs and predict the pay off, you will need to choose deployment type that offers you desired flexibility between costs and security. 


Lanteria offers the customers both on-premise and cloud HR system to suit the specific needs of any business. Need help choosing a deployment method? Our experts are willing to answer your questions anytime!

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