Manage and track Covid-19 vaccination with a new tool by Lanteria HR

In recent years world faced dramatic changes due to Covid-19. Now, as it recovers from the pandemic and people slowly return to the offices, vaccination tracking became essential for most businesses.

As Lanteria HR always aimed to simplify HR managers' tasks, it provides tools to track Covid-19 vaccination and testing status inside the organization and stay compliant.

Today, within Lanteria HR, employees can upload their vaccination documents directly to the HRIS so that the HR team can see immunization status across the company.

The HR team can track the following documents:

  • Covid-19 test results
  • Covid-19 vaccination certificates

The employee attaches the document to a personal profile, and the document will be then available on the HR Manager’s dashboard.

You can see how it actually works in our recent video:



Kelly Tucker
Managing Director of HR Star
HR is about putting humans back in the heart of every business - and that is what I do.

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