Lanteria HR partners with Zapier to expand its integration options

Lanteria HR partners with Zapier

This integration allows you to connect your Lanteria HR to 3000+ apps!

Zapier is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that provides quick and easy integration with apps. Today, it has over 3000 applications in many categories, including HR, CRM, marketing, etc. Lanteria became a part of this community, allowing you to move employee data to any app from Zapier collection.

Here’s how it works. Once you register with Zapier, you can add a connection to your Lanteria HR. Now you can use the Lanteria HR app to connect Lanteria HR data with apps from the Zapier catalog and create workflows called Zaps. Zaps are workflow automation connecting two or even more apps, through Triggers and Actions. When a condition of the Trigger is met, the corresponding Actions are automatically performed.

For an instance, some triggers you can use when you select Lanteria HR in your Zapier account:

  • Modified/Created Employee – This event triggers when a new employee is created or modified.

  • Modified/Created Employee Salary Details – This event triggers when employee salary details are created or modified.

Lanteria HR actions that you can use in your zaps:

  • Process Employee – You can set up a zap to create a new employee or update the existing one if the employee already exists.

  • Process Employee Salary Details – You can set up a zap that will update the employee salary details.

Getting started:

  1. Create a Zapier account.

  2. In your Lanteria HR, configure integration with Zapier.

  3. In your Zapier account, add a connection to the Lanteria HR app in Zapier to your Lanteria HR.

  4. Create workflows (zaps) to automate your processes.

While Zapier provides you with quick access to hundreds of applications, we recommend starting with native integrations with Trello, Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

For more information please contact your Lanteria rep, or drop us a line at

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