360 Reviews with external responders (Customers, Partners and Vendors)

When you organize a 360 Feedback Review round in Lanteria HR, sometimes you want to involve not only colleagues within your organization, but also external reviewers, such as customers, partners, and vendors. Previously it wasn’t possible to take part in a 360 Feedback review if you were not a Lanteria HR user. We have expanded the 360 Feedback functionality to enable external reviewers to be involved in 360 Feedback reviews as well.

To achieve this goal, we have introduced the concept of custom reviewer groups, which may be of two types:

  • Internal – These custom reviewer groups may include employees that are Lanteria HR users.
  • External – These custom reviewer groups may include reviewers that are not Lanteria HR users.

You can create as many reviewer groups as you need. As for external reviewers, all you need to have as an email address. You register all external reviewers that you want to be available for selection into a separate External Reviewers list, and then add these external reviewers into a custom reviewer group of the External type.

The page where reviewers are approved/adjusted and review forms are generated has been overhauled. Now it has visual indicators that let you know whether reviewers have been assigned already. The columns are dynamically adjusted: If custom reviewer groups are used (in addition or instead of predefined groups, such as peers, managers, and subordinates), the columns will reflect that.



As for the review process, for external reviewers a separate 360 Feedback review form is used. External reviewer assesses the employee in parallel with the internal reviewers. In case a review round includes custom 360 Feedback reviewer groups of the External type, each external reviewer receives an email invitation to assess the employee with a link to the external 360 Feedback Review form, which should be deployed on a Self-Service site, which is configured in the 360 Feedback reviews settings.


Note: On the Self-Service site, where the external 360 Feedback review form is deployed, the external reviewer does not have access to anything except the review form.

The results of 360 Feedback reviews are combined for both internal and external reviewers, and can be analyzed on the same report. The report will show results for all reviewer groups involved, whether predefined or custom reviewer groups.




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