Tech Supports Human Efficiency

Performance is a key area of focus when managing human capital, and one that becomes more challenging when interfacing with multiple businesses, new technology, social pressures, workplace dynamics and individual personalities.

Modern business requires a dedicated, motivated and highly professional workforce, that will share company values, reinforce the mission statement and act as company advocate both on the job, and in social settings.

In order to retain motivated employees, a company needs frequent performance reviews and a focus on learning and development to promote growth and advancement opportunities. Without managing these aspects, it will be difficult to keep top talent invested in the organization.

Some current challenges in Performance Management:

  • Retaining top talent
  • Employee Motivation
  • Dedication to company vision and goals
  • Establishing and promoting a thriving corporate culture
  • Creating unity to achieve common goals
  • Maintaining flexibility while creating structure

To achieve these goals, companies are trending to change their review cycles from yearly to quarterly at minimum, allowing management to implement continuous ad-hoc feedback. For employees, it creates a 360-degree review culture, making performance measurements more focused, and aligning employee and company goals while implementing modern performance measurements and metrics.

Without an adequate IT tool, complex enough to cover all of the necessary processes and metrics while remaining simple for the user, achieving your goals in Performance management can be impossible.

These key components supported by Lanteria HR, will enhance your ability to overcome the previously mentioned challenges:

Real-Time Feedback

One of the biggest trends in performance management is the ability to receive and provide feedback employee to employee with the help of Continuous Feedback Management. Another option is a 360-degree feedback model for employees, in accordance with pre-designed templates.

Performance Reviews

This function automates the review process, and allows users to create reviews both for the overall organization, and for specialized departments or individuals. Generate reviews for employees with pre-designed templates that include all necessary sections (Introduction and instructions, Goals, Competencies, KPIs, Job Responsibilities, Development Needs, Career goals, additional comments or custom fields) Reviews are delivered to all participants via workflow with notifications. In addition to structured reviews, the functionality also includes ad hoc reviews. During the review, the employee can be evaluated and scored according to preset conditions. A history of previous performance reviews is stored, and available for later analysis.

Goal Management 

This function allows for both qualitative and quantitative goals to be measured on a continuous basis. Business unit goals can be linked to company goals or be tracked independently and the same applies to employee goals. Employee goals can be added by the employee trough the Self-Service portal or can be assigned by management. Goals can be updated either on continuous basis, or be restricted to the specified review period. This flexibility covers all main needs in goal management while streamlining the process and creating transparency.

Competence Management

This solution provides the possibility of building a customized, hierarchal competency model and framework while assigning specific competencies to certain employees or job roles in accordance with appropriate requirements. In addition, this function allows for a built in, criteria-based estimation model that can be done on an ongoing basis, or during the specific review cycle. The historical data and gap analysis are available to track employee progress and competency achievements.

Reporting and Dashboards

Multiple reports and dashboards allow for informed data-based decisions in regards to employee and company performance. In addition we provide the option to design specialized reports with the Report Builder tool for data from linked lists.

Performance Solution by Lanteria covers both the trusted, standard approach to Performance management as well as upcoming industry trends, such as the Continuous AdHoc Feedback Management system.

Lanteria HR includes built in functionality that can be set up by our consultants in accordance with individual customer requirements.  Our Development center efficiently implements standard and customized solutions, and the Support team supports our customers 24/7.

Uphold your standards and upgrade your performance with Lanteria HR.