7 Essential Tools When Working from Home

7 tools for remote work

Anyone who has worked from home knows the importance of having the right set of tools. Not only do they keep focused on what matters, but they also help you accomplish your daily targets. As companies across the globe are encouraging their employees to work from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, workers need to understand how to make their work easier.

Working from home is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. While some people find it easy working at the comfort of their home, others struggle to simulate an office environment. If the coronavirus situation has rendered you a remote worker, you need to take some measures to make sure you are productive at home. Here are some of the essential things you will need:

Quality Office Set-Up

If you really want to be productive while working from home, your best bet will be to stimulate an office environment. The idea of working from bed in your pajamas and making yourself a cup of coffee whenever you want can be exciting. However, this will not translate into instant productive. In fact, this can be a remedy for laziness and reduced productivity.

To give your work the seriousness it deserves, get yourself a good ergonomic chair and desk. Set up a home office where you will be conducting your daily activities. You will be sitting in this office for hours like you would normally do, in an environment where you are comfortable and concentrate for long periods of time.

Fast and Reliable Internet Access

The role of fast and reliable internet access when working from home cannot be overemphasized. You need to ensure that your internet allows you to do more than just answer emails. Think of how you will be handling video conferences or download large data files.

When it is not possible to visit a local coffee shop or public library due to social distancing, your best bet is to contract a good internet provider. Check your internet speed and bandwidth to ensure they meet the demands of working from home.

A Trusted VPN

If you are dealing with sensitive information, you need to ensure you have an extra layer of protection. Make sure your internet connection is as secure as possible and protects you from any case of unauthorized access.

During the coronavirus outbreak period, it is possible that cyberattacks targeting those forced to work from home will increase. Hackers are likely to take advantage of the situation to access sensitive information for their own benefits. To protect yourself from such attacks, invest in a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) package.

With a good VPN network, your access to the internet will be more secure. Not only will you protect your internet access, but your identity as well.

A Digital Communication Platform

A digital communication platform will come in handy if you typically have to engage in face-to-face conversations with colleagues or clients. You can choose from a range of available platforms including Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams. These platforms allow you to create a central point where you can communicate with outers as quickly as possible. You can also set up teams to keep productivity up by keeping everyone informed of any progress made.

A Time Tracking System

Working from home is quite different from reporting to work every day. Without a way of tracking time, you may end up not meeting your daily targets or knowing how much progress you are making. Whether you an hourly or monthly employee, a time tracking software or system will help you stay on top of your game You will know how much time you spend on work and productive you are.

If you do not want to invest in good software, you can try some of the time management techniques available. For instance, the Pomodoro technique is a time management tactic that allows one to track time spent on productive work and can boost concentration.

Headsets or Headphones

Quality Headsets or headphones are an important tool for those working from home. You will need them for making both video and audio calls or simply for listening to work-related content. Make sure you go for quality ones with noise-canceling capabilities. The goal is to make yourself as comfortable as possible while working from home. You will also want to avoid interference or normal home distractions like outside noises.

An Electric Kettle

Although not related to work, electric kettles an essential tool for those working from home. You will constantly need to make coffee or tea to keep you warm or boost your concentration. With an electric kettle, you can boil water whenever you need without having to deal with the whistling sound of the traditional ones.

As more efforts are being taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home is progressively becoming a norm. While most people are not equipped to do so, investing in the rights tools is crucial. Instead of making your bedroom an office, invest in a good desk and chair. Get a fast and reliable internet provider, subscribe to a VPN package, and get yourself an electric kettle.  


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