All About the American Staffing Association

All About the American Staffing Association

What Is the American Staffing Association (ASA)?

If you are an HR professional in America, then you have probably heard of the American Staffing Association. If you haven't – then it's time to get acquainted. Don't worry; we've got you covered. This article serves to introduce you to the ASA.

The ASA, also known as the American Staffing Association, is an association that aims to foster all things regarding staffing, recruiting, and workplace solutions. The ASA and its state affiliates advocate for the advancement of research and education across all sectors in the industry. They also aim to promote and uphold high standards for legal, ethical, and professional practices.

History of American Staffing Association

The American Staffing Association was founded in 1966, initially named The Institute of Temporary Services in Washington, DC. Its mission was to advance the interests of the industry through advocacy, research, education, and the promotion of professional practices and remains the same to this day. They are also concerned with boosting flexible employment opportunities.

The ASA's main motivation is to provide a clear and strong national voice that can speak on behalf of the industry, educate policymakers regarding the unique attributes of the staffing business. Additionally, they endeavored to influence any proposals that may negatively impact staffing agencies' ability to serve the needs of their clients and employees.

The association's first mission was to meet with the US Department of Labor to discuss regulations proposed by the former US Employment Service (now known as The Employment and Training Administration). Due to the USES' primary function being to provide job-finding assistance to job seekers and employers, concerns that an unfair infringement upon private sector staffing agencies was raised. For example, the advantage of tax-exempt status USES had that their private counterparts did not.

This pivotal moment led to the birth of advocacy from the ASA at the federal level. ASA later also established an advocacy role at the state and local level with the aid of network-affiliated chapters. Together, they address hundreds of proposed laws and regulations around the country every year.

The ASA has continued to grow from strength to strength and is now a highly recognized and respected organization, celebrating 55 years of service. It has also since become a major proprietor of American staffing resources. These include networking and educational conventions, certified training programs, and industry publications such as a magazine and newsletter.

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