Application Developer Job Description

An application developer is a computer engineer who produces, tests, programs, and maintains applications for a certain device, such as a mobile phone or a web browser and a specific operating system. Usually, application developers specialize in one type of development, such as mobile phone apps or ioS. 

What Does the Application Developer Do?

Application developers are in charge of converting software requirements into executable code. Their primary responsibility is to comprehend client needs and how they relate to new application features. They also collaborate with the development team and other IT staff to define requirements for new applications and write high-quality code to program full applications on time.

They are a crucial member of the project management or technical team in charge of achieving the customer's needs.

Job Profile of an Application Developer

Lanteria HR is looking for a professional application developer who will collaborate with clients to develop new software apps and upgrade and change existing ones. They should analyze user requirements to adapt software for computer programs, create prototypes, implement and test source code, and troubleshoot software applications.

The ideal applicant should be well-versed in software engineering and possess strong analytical abilities.

Application Developer: Responsibilities

The following are the tasks and roles of an application developer:

  • Designing prototypes for applications based on the client's requirements

  • Testing applications before deployment

  • If an error occurs, troubleshooting and debugging the application

  • Analyzing old applications, reconfiguring sections to increase performance, and releasing updates

  • Creating handbooks and publications that explain the application's code and design

Application Developer: Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in Engineering

  • Relevant experience as an Application Developer for at least two years

  • Understanding languages like C++, Java, and ORACLE 

  • Application and software development experience

  • Awareness of software design and programming fundamentals

  • Strong math and problem-solving abilities

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