Automated Performance Reviews Generation

One of the most used Lanteria HR features, performance reviews, requires thorough preparation. Before a performance review takes place, you need to have a performance review round created for the required review period as well as the corresponding review forms generated for each person involved, not to mention other prerequisites. This may be a time-taking process, especially if you have a complex organizational structure and a lot of employees. Therefore, we’ve been looking for a way to automate this process.

We are happy to introduce a new setup that helps you automate preparation for performance reviews:

Setting up automated Performance Reviews

Using this new setup, you can configure Lanteria HR to automatically generate both performance review rounds and related performance review forms. We tried to cover as many scenarios as possible. Thus, we designed a very flexible setup form that should suit any business scenarios, related to performance reviews.

There are separate rules for generating performance review rounds, where you specify the title of the round and round start date, and rules for generating forms. For example, you can have performance review forms generated once per round or according to specific rules, such as at specified intervals starting from a specific date: the start date of each generated round, the employment date, or 5 days prior to the probation end date. Additionally, there is a slew of other settings, related to the performance review rounds, which you previously had manually configure each time when creating a new performance review round.

On top of that, you can add several rules, and each rule will have its own configuration for performance review generation. Performance review generation rules can be deactivated if necessary.

Automated and annual reviews example

For detailed information on how to add and configure performance review generation rules, refer to this topic in our help center.


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