BI Developer Job Description

A business intelligence developer is an engineer responsible for creating, installing, and maintaining business intelligence interfaces. These include query tools, data visualization, interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data modeling tools.

What Does a BI Developer Do?

A business intelligence (BI) developer creates strategic and financial intelligence to assist in strategic decision-making by creating reporting systems. A BI developer's primary responsibility is to create, deploy, and maintain BI tools and interfaces. They're also in charge of translating highly technical terminology and complex material into simple language for the rest of the organization to comprehend.

Job Profile of a BI Developer 

Lanteria HR is looking for a BI developer to design and maintain BI and analytics solutions that turn data into knowledge. They are in charge of warehouse data maintenance and development and produce financial and market intelligence reports to aid in corporate performance monitoring and decision-making.

An ideal candidate should be well in current business trends and possess excellent organizational, critical thinking, and communications skills.

BI Developer: Responsibilities

A BI developer's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Converting business requirements into technical specifications

  • Creating reporting systems that provide easy-to-understand data for decision-making

  • Keeping data analytics platforms up to date

  • Assessing and upgrading existing business intelligence systems

  • Performing BI model troubleshooting

  • Creating and providing high-quality reports to clients, as well as conducting report quality assurance reviews

BI Developer: Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a relevant field

  • Proven BI Developer or Data Scientist experience

  • Data warehouse design experience 

  • Working knowledge of business intelligence (BI) technologies

  • A thorough understanding of database management systems, OLAP, and the ETL methodology

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