Changing employee's job position

The Lanteria HR system offers users the ability to view their organizational structure in a variety of ways.

On the Org Structure Chart (the link to this chart is found on the top-right hand corner of the Organizational Structure page in the Core HR section), you will see that the employees organized into departments (Organizational Units), with their full name and job position listed in the box.


An individual’s position in the organizational chart is determined by their assigned job position, which is tied directly to an organizational unit.

Thus, to change the employee’s position on the Org Structure chart, you must change their job position or their org unit (note that org units can be changed without changing the job position).

Changing the Job Position:

1. Locate the employee and open their employee card by clicking on the employee’s name.

2. In the employee card ribbon, click the “change job” icon.


3. Select the new Org Unit of the position to which you wish to change the employee. **Note** that only the Job Positions linked to a particular Org Unit will appear to choose from the Job Position drop down.


4. To save your changes, click OK after filling in all of the required fields.

Unlinking Org Unit and Job Position

Although every job position is linked directly to an organizational unit, the employee’s department can be defined in the general section of the Employee card. When in edit mode, simply choose the Organizational Unit in the Organizational Unit field.


The Organizational Unit on the employee card defines the Org Unit for the individual’s main position, regardless of which org unit the job position is connected with. In other words, the employee will appear in the org unit noted in this part of the employee card, even if it doesn’t match with the job position’s org unit.

In the case of multiple job positions, the employee will appear in both the primary org unit and the org unit directly linked with the secondary job position.


Thus, by manipulating the employee’s job position and org unit, the HR user can change that employee’s position in the org structure chart.

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