Changing employee's job role


The processes of defining and changing the job role of a particular employee are very similar. When hiring a new employee, we choose the appropriate job role from a menu of job roles that we have previously defined.

Similarly, when you wish to change the job role of an employee you simply locate the employee in the employee database. Open their employee card and click on the “Edit” icon in the ribbon at the top of the card.

Scroll down the employee card until you find the “Job Role” field. Select the new job role from the picker and click ‘Save.’

Remember that whether a particular field is editable or not is defined within the Employee Card Designer located in the Core HR section of the Settings & Configuration panel.

Open the Employee Card Designer, and click to edit the corresponding field. Then select the “edit” checkbox to determine whether or not it can be edited.

Permissions regulating which job roles can edit the given fields are defined in the relevant section’s settings. Simply locate the section of the employee card that you wish to edit, and click “Edit Section”. Then select the roles who will have access to edit or view.

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