Continuous Employee Recognition and Feedback

At Lanteria HR, we constantly monitor modern trends with the intention to implement new and exciting features that make our product better for you. Thus, we have been looking for a simple and effective way of managing employee recognition and feedback in Lanteria HR.

In our latest update, we have rolled out a new feature called Employee Feedback. We believe this functionality will be a great addition to performance reviews and 360 Feedback reviews as they perfectly complement each other. What Employee Feedback allows you to do is enable your employees to give feedback to each other in the form of text feedback messages as well as category batches, which can be assigned along with text feedback. Employee feedback does not require any preparation or planning and can be given by any employee to any employee at any time, either on request or on your own initiative. Here is how it looks like:

Employee Feedback Form

A category batch is a kind of title, represented by an icon, which, for example, may give an idea what kind of person the employee is, such as high performer, customer-oriented, leader, team player, expert, etc. These categories are fully customizable, allowing you to create your own categories as well as upload your own images for the categories to suit your business needs.

Giving, requesting, and viewing feedback

Feedback can be viewed on the Personal Feedback page, which can be accessed from the employee card or from the menu.

From the Employee Feedback page, one can request an employee or group of employees to give feedback to another employee or a group of employees as well as give feedback.


Additionally, this page shows the following information:


  • In the top right corner, you can see which category badges have been assigned to this employee and the total number of each badge.

  • On the Require My Action tab, you can view all employee feedback requests as well as 360 Feedback requests if any that require this employee's action. This tab is shown only if you view your own feedback from the Employee role.

  • On the Received tab, you can see feedback received by this employee. You can see when feedback was provided, by whom, and which category badge was assigned. If you are the manager of this employee, you can add manager comment to feedback. Received feedback can be filtered to view feedback for a specific period.

  • On the Given tab, you can see feedback given by this employee, when it was given, to whom, and which category badge was assigned. Given employee feedback can be filtered to view feedback for a specific period. You can delete your own feedback if necessary.

  • On the 360 Feedback tab, you can view result reports for 360 Feedback rounds for this employee if any.

Manager Comments

If you are a manager and one of your subordinate employees receives employee feedback, you are notified about this by email and get the exclusive privilege to comment on that feedback.

Feedback privacy

Some people may be quite sensitive to feedback. Therefore, we added the possibility to make your feedback private. If you select the Make Public check box, you feedback will be visible to other employees on the public Employee Feedback page.

The same applies to manager comments.

Employee Feedback Report

The Employee Feedback report shows an overview of personal feedback that employees give to each other, including manager comments, both private and public. The report is available only for the HR, Local HR, and Manager roles.

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