How to Post a Job On Facebook

How to Post a Job On Facebook
How to Post a Job On Facebook

Facebook has evolved from being a social media platform to a multi-social media platform. Gone are the days when people used Facebook to poke their school friends and catch up with long-lost friends. Today, it is a platform for new businesses and online backyard sales, a marketing tool, and much more; and of course, you can post jobs on Facebook too. If you plan to diversify your headhunting and expand from using just Linkedin, here is how you do it.  

What Makes an Engaging Job Post On Facebook?

People spend so much time on social media that it only makes sense to start job hunting and recruiting candidates here. However, recruiting on social media requires more than slapping a link, copy-pasting a few job details, and moving on. Keep in mind that every social media platform is different, and your audience is used to a certain etiquette that is specific to the platform. Here is how you make your job posting attractive and ensure you reach a larger audience than your rivals. 

1. The Right Length

In theory, there is no specific length to stick to, but the average Facebook user’s attention span is 2.5 to 8 seconds per post, and they prefer to skim through posts rather than read everything. It helps to write an attention hook and highlight the keywords in the rest of the post. Smartphone users do not want to scroll down too much to get to the bottom. Summarize it like you would a TLDR. 

2. Post an Image of the Posting

Much like Instagram or Twitter, posts with images have twice the engagement rate. You can upload as many images as you’d like as long as the first image they see is attention-grabbing. Compile what you need them to know in the first image, job title, location, perks, or whatever it is you want to highlight. Make sure the image looks good on a smartphone; test it out before you post it. 

3. Add a CTA

You now have their attention, but what’s next? Let them know how to get in touch, or even better, add a link that will direct them to the job posting. Upload a video if you want to stand out further; it will work to your advantage since Facebook plays videos automatically.

4. Use Facebook’s Paid Advertising

If you are in a hurry to find a candidate or looking for experienced professionals, it is advisable to invest in Facebook’s paid advertising. Clicking on the Boost Post button will instantly turn your post into a sponsored post. Go to the next step and use the targeting options to send your post to the right candidates. This helps zero in on candidates in the required location, adequately qualified, and so on. 

5. Go Beyond Your Business Page

  • Use your personal account to either reach out to a larger audience or to a subset of your choice. Getting a job is all about networking, and so is recruiting. Look in your circle of family and friends to see if someone is interested and fits the role. Don’t you worry; this will not be considered nepotism. 
  • Use headhunting or job search groups to post your requirements. Spending time in the group will also help you understand the market and how you can attract the right candidates.
  • If there is a Facebook careers page for the company, make sure to post an advertisement there as well, this will appeal to the passive job hunters who might just get tempted to apply!
  • If you have a particular person in mind for the job who you know will be the perfect fit, send them a personal message on Messenger. 

How to Post a Job On Facebook

You don’t need to know the platform inside out to post a simple job; of course, it helps to have a working knowledge, but it is not rocket science. So how do you post a job on Facebook?

There are three simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a Job Post

  • You will first need to create a business Facebook page; if you have one already, look for the Job button on your homepage. 
  • Find the Create Job function or look for the Publish a Job post option. Note that the latter may appear only in certain countries like the USA or Canada since it is still in its nascent stages. 
  • Make sure this isn’t the only post on your company’s business page, as that might seem fishy to the applicants. Create the illusion of activity if there isn’t any so far. 

Step 2: Add the Details

  • Once you create a job, you will be given a chance to add relevant details about the opening, including the job title, job location, salary, and required qualifications.
  • Add images and videos of employee testimonials that give a glimpse into the company’s work culture. This is very exciting to the candidates, and they may put in the extra effort to write a cover letter to go with their application. 
  • There is the option to customize the questions you ask your applicants to ease your process of filtering out the applications.

Step 3: Post Your Ad

  • Once you have entered all the necessary details, you will find next at the bottom of the form, review your details and Publish the job post.
  • Once the post has been approved, it will show up on the news feeds of potential candidates, alongside other postings. 
  • This will enable you to reach audiences that were not previously aware of the opening in your company.
  • If you have multiple job postings, make sure you post different advertisements for them so as to avoid any application confusion.

Your administrator rights on the company Facebook page will give you access to details of every candidate who read the post, liked, clicked on it, shared, commented, and applied, along with an activity center for you to keep track.  

There you have it, and now you know how to post a job on Facebook. 

How to Recruit On Facebook

Facebook recruiting, a social recruiting technique, has been a vital part of recent recruitment marketing. 94% of recruiters plan to use or actively use social media for the hiring process. Of those, 49% have claimed to have had an improvement in candidate quality. 70% of the current day HR personnel plan to increase their social recruitment budget. Why is that? 

Get Access to the Largest Talent Pool 

Facebook, with over 2.7 billion users, is the most crowded social networking platform today. Where there are people, there are potential human resources. Not only will you have a better chance at finding someone, but your chances of reaching the right candidates are also drastically improved. Facebook has statistically proven to have more job seekers than Linkedin, and furthermore, you can reach passive candidates who might just get tempted.

Formulate Your Strategy

To ensure optimal reach of your post, track metrics and data-driven recruitment tactics. 

  • Make sure the content you put out, pre and post recruitment, is consistent. The candidates will match what they see on a post to their experience when they walk into the office; it is best to be honest and reinforce employer branding.
  • Use automated responses on Messenger to answer the basic questions a candidate may have about the company. Keep a constant eye on them to make sure no applications are missed, and it will help promote your job through the recruitment software. 
  • Get your employees to talk honestly about their work environment; that will become great testimonials for future candidates. Further, push them to use their social media accounts to spread the word about the job openings. 
  • Use Graph Search, Facebook’s built-in search engine. It uses publicly available information from user profiles and allows you to find candidates who meet your criteria.
  • Facebook Live Streaming is a strategy most HRs swear by. It creates a platform for you to interact with potential candidates in real-time via chats and videos. This is a unique opportunity to get a sense of the candidates, introduce them to the team and answer their questions in person.
  • Use a company careers page. This helps candidates traverse through their levels and fields of expertise while you can collect the data for future references. This also allows you to customize your requirements and hire with a higher diversity rate. Since this is online, anyone could be a part of the diverse pipeline of candidates, and it reduces the gender and race bias created by recruiting algorithms. 

Boost Your Recruiting Game

Facebook for recruiters is a developing department, and it can be quite intimidating at first. However, it is no different from a job board; in fact, it is better as it can be molded and shaped into an extremely creative piece of socially shared content. The process of collecting applications and filtering them out may not be easy at first, but it is definitely easier than headhunting by yourself. 

Once you have figured out how to post jobs on Facebook and navigate around the internal recruiting portals, you will have mastered the art of social recruiting! And no matter where you publish job posts, keep track of them with Lanteria, the premier HR software. We offer integrations with ZipRecruiter, JobTarget, Zapier, and much more!


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