HR management trends: future of talent and learning

All the future trends can be divided into the innovations connected with HR software solutions and changes that refer to the social and psychological factors of successful employee recruitment. But, lots of companies still lag behind the individuals who have already adopted novelties. The review of the ongoing changes will point to the things which should be modified.

Millennials are Taking over the World

The labor market is being gradually captured by the new generation, which meant that the modern rules crowd out the old ones. Millennials think otherwise, the standard layout “you work – we pay” is not efficient here in 2017 anymore. Surveys show that a quarter of all workforce demands opportunities for learning, personal growth and flexible schedule.  They don't care so much about the cash, now it is a secondary factor to stay. If a millennial can't accomplish his own goals with a company, he quits without any doubt. 

Continuous Feedback Becomes a Priority

A necessity of receiving the regular feedback from the employees is now the main reason why the company requires human resources software programs used as tools to provide it. Every member of a team would like to be valued. So, the good leader must consider every opinion and try to improve the conditions under which these people work. HR soft comes to the rescue and offers new features - activity streams, pulse surveys, real-time reports and other techniques to speed up the process of feedback gathering.

Remote Performance of the Duties 

Outsourcing of personnel and remote vacancies are rapidly gaining popularity. Millennials prefer flexibility and are inclined to change their workplace more frequently than the Generation X people who has been committed to the relative stability. Why not use this peculiarity as an advantage by engaging employees in temporary and freelance positions?

The Triumph of Corporal Culture

The principle "the more perks the better" will not attract more talents this year. Even paid time off and performance bonuses don't guarantee that employees will be loyal to the company. Culture prevails over the fringe benefits: people want to be aware of the mission they are carrying out and how it can affect their own life. They enjoy working in a powerfully energetic atmosphere and feeling cohesion with the other team members.

Talking about HR Software

There are at least 5 hyping up trends in the technologies which can’t be ignored by HR managers:

  1. Business improvement using advanced human data software;
  2. E-learning;
  3. Predictive people analytics;
  4. Gamification and virtual reality;
  5. Social Media is the new way of looking for talents;

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How Can Human Data Make Business Successful?

It is very convenient to make performance predictions based on information about your current workforce. If you are able to correlate such data to other parameters, you can decide which kind of people you must hire to achieve your goals as soon as possible.

Which Benefits Has E-Learning?

E-learning is:

  • Flexible

Employees can study wherever and whenever they wish. There is no strict schedule, people are able to allocate the time for learning even on their way to the workplace.

  • Accessible

Mentorship programs, apprenticeships and the other forms of professional education become available on various devices including smartphones and tablets. Learning mobility allows people to get rid of routine corporate training.

  • Cheap

It is much more affordable for people to take online courses instead of going to the establishment where they are held. There are no salaries for the coaches, no fare expenses and no wasted paper on books printing.

Why HR Management Software is so Important When It Comes to People Analytics?

New programs keep you aware of your people demands. They simplify the arrangement of surveys and the transformation of received information into infographics. Such a report helps to take timely action and avoid a turnover.

How Can Gamification Increase Productivity?

If you played a computer game at least once in your life, you would know how exciting it is. The elements of a game dilute the boredom in both work and learning and serve as the source of motivation.  Highly engaged employees do utmost to achieve an expected result.

Social Media and the Hiring Process: Why It Works

The manager can get much more information about a candidate's personality while analyzing his or her pages on the social network than the CV. Moreover, many applicants of the new generation have already gotten used to searching for a job on Facebook or Google Plus. Not only LinkedIn but Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube can be a platform for job advertisement.

Despite the usefulness of the future trends, avoid blind keeping up with them. Every company has its individual features which you have to take into account while looking for new HR software systems. Besides, you can discover something new. All the hottest things have grown from a little seed.

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