HR Processes Automation - How to Automate Your HR Tasks With Software by Lanteria

HR Processes Automation - How to Automate Your HR Tasks With Software by Lanteria

Technology is a defining aspect of the modern world and is also constantly evolving. Human Resource departments everywhere, in a wide array of industries, are facing multiple challenges related to being efficient in managing people in this new technical era.

In accordance with a survey, conducted on behalf of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA), the main challenges in Human Resource Management today are:

  • Effective Change Management
  • Leadership development
  • Human Resource effectiveness
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Efficient hiring and retention of skilled labor
  • Succession planning and Talent management,
  • Learning and Development

In addition to staying up-to-date with current technology, it is also very important to customize Human Resource automation to your specific corporate environment as much as possible. Only customizable solutions, like Lanteria HR, can provide this type of stability in this inherently unstable environment.


How can the main HR areas be automated? What will make the business not only reactive but also proactive in managing the key to making a business successful – the employees?

Human Resource Operations

Managing documentation and procedures from Hire to Retire is where most HR departments spend most of their time – all of that can be automated. Eliminating paperwork and digitalizing documents save time, make the processes more efficient, and enables transparency and informed management decisions. The profit value of automating day-to-day Human Resource Operations can’t be underestimated, for it brings the necessary speed and flexibility to organizational leadership.

Performance Management and Succession planning

Managing employee performance is one of the most important areas of Human Resources and a highly strategic area. It links employee capabilities, motivation, professional skills and behavioral factors to overall company performance and success. Managing Performance reviews is a very time-consuming process that requires significant administrational efforts, and that's where HR management software comes in handy. It provides a mechanism to properly estimate the different aspects of employee performance. Goals and Achievements, Job Responsibilities, behavioral factors and career aspirations are all aspects that can be streamlined through automating HR processes. In addition, Lanteria HR supports an advanced Competence Management Model that allows an organization to develop key professional and personal capabilities in its employees.

Time & Attendance

Managing Time & Attendance in a company requires time-consuming calculations, extensive knowledge of local Human Resource legislation, documentation and approval management. Human mistakes in managing Time & Attendance are very common and can have a significant impact on employees' motivation and performance. Automation of this process eliminates the possibility of human mistakes, makes the process transparent and manageable, saves time and cost, and helps the HR department to implement necessary organizational changes that affect business profitability.

HR Processes Automation - How to Automate Your HR Tasks With Software by Lanteria


Recruitment feeds the business by attracting new talent and is vital for the business to survive. It also requires a lot of effort from HR managers. Efficient automation of job openings and potential candidates, as well as automated scheduling of interviews and follow-up actions, saves personnel time for qualitative candidate research instead of basic operation and administrative staff management. A flexible Applicant Self-Service form is a must-have in modern HR software, as it activates additional channels for managers to search and engage the most proactive candidates.

Learning Management

Automation of Learning Management Systems allows Human Resource managers to improve employee skills and capabilities and saves time and cost by reducing administrative efforts related to the training scheduling and other Learning operations.


Employee self-services save the Human Resource administrator time in most HR tasks, including Operations and Time & Attendance tracking, as well as simplifies approval processes, and increases employee motivation by making the HR process transparent to employees and managers in intimidating areas like Performance Management, Learning, Development and other.


To manage all HR aspects efficiently, the company needs efficient and flexible analytics and reporting systems, that define key challenges that require immediate action, make processes measurable and manageable and enable informed business decisions.

Lanteria HR presents efficient HRIS solutions for most businesses that cover the most challenging Human Resource areas, as highlighted by modern technology and corporate world changes. Our solution covers all the business needs and can be customized in accordance with our customer requests.  

Lanteria is a customer-oriented company that operates in the US and European markets, with a wide portfolio of highly successful projects and organizational participation. We strive for your success by simplifying the Human Resource processes and are always ready to be flexible in accordance with industry change in the modern environment.


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