IT Director Job Description

The IT director is one of the senior-most leaders for Information Technology (IT) within an organization. They ensure that internal technology operations operate successfully and reliably by continuously monitoring systems and services and ensuring that they are resourced and well-staffed internally. They are essential to guarantee the continued availability and security of IT in an organization.

What Does an IT Director Do?

IT directors oversee an organization's technical infrastructure, direct a team of IT employees, establish business requirements for IT systems, manage the design and execution of IT infrastructure, and remove security concerns.

Job Profile of an IT Director

Lanteria HR is looking for a skilled IT director to supervise all IT functions in our organization. You are responsible for overseeing the IT team and technological operations of the organization and the deployment of new IT systems and policies. 

Your main objective is to ensure that IT systems and staff perform efficiently and within the boundaries of the firm budget, time and requirements.

The following skills are required for ideal applicants:

  • Strong expertise in analytical and problem solving

  • Team-growth oriented

  • Excellent people management skills, leadership, and communication skills

IT Director: Responsibilities

IT directors have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensuring a reliable IT service delivery and operation through system performance monitoring, developing an IT strategy, and monitoring activities

  • Communicating and responding to IT needs and requirements with other departments

  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with outside consultants and businesses

  • Offering strategic solutions and advising on new software and systems

  • Prepare reports for upper management on performance and budget.

IT Director: Requirements

  • Graduate in IT, information systems, computer science, or any similar subject

  • Minimum of eight years of IT operations

  • Minimum experience of three years of IT team and project management

  • Working understanding of information technology operations, systems, and innovations

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