IT Technician Job Description

IT Technicians play an important role in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of computer components in an organization's daily operations and logistics. 

Lanteria HR is outsourcing for a highly skilled IT Technician with excellent problem-solving skills to maintain the quality and security of computer functions and components.

Interested in becoming part of our team as an IT Technician? Read ahead!

IT Technicians: Who Are They?

IT Technicians are employees who monitor, upgrade and maintain computer systems, components, and networks, ensuring their optimal performance to contribute to organizational growth and productivity. 

They also train other users on properly utilizing and maintaining IT infrastructures and other computer-related matters.

What Do IT Technicians Do?

IT Technicians install and tweak system software and hardware tailored to organizational functions and objectives. 

Their main responsibilities cover the configuration, diagnosis, and repair of computer systems and networks. They also offer technical expertise and assistance to other users within the company.

Job Profile of an IT Technician

IT Technicians must aim to establish and maintain up-to-date, functional, and efficient computer systems and networks. Other skills needed are:

  • High technical aptitude and troubleshooting skills

  • Logical and critical thinking in identifying computer issues

  • Resourceful and innovative thinking in debugging

  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

Duties and Responsibilities of an IT Technician

  • Installing computer software and hardware

  • Ensuring performance and functionality of computer components and other IT infrastructure

  • Diagnosing potential issues/bugs that may limit the optimal performance of computer systems

  • Performing assessments and tests on newly installed software and hardware

  • Documenting identified issues and implemented solutions

  • Keeping up to date with the latest technologies

  • Upgrading computer systems and IT infrastructure to further improve company performance

  • Perform daily troubleshooting and debugging of computer components

  • Handling technical documentations

IT Technician: Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in BS/BA Computer Science or other related studies

  • Proven experience in computer systems/IT management or systems maintenance

  • Strong proficiency in database programming, software and hardware installation

  • Strong familiarity with various operating systems and platforms

  • Relevant certifications (i.e., Cisco Certified Network Associate, A+, Linux+) are a plus

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