Job Requirements and Tasks of a Recruiting Coordinator

What Are the Tasks of a Recruiting Coordinator?

The job title of a recruiting coordinator is often mistaken with a recruiter or talent sourcer. We have collected all the essential information to answer the question “What does a recruiting coordinator do?” and what this profession’s prerequisites are.

Who Is a Recruiting Coordinator?

Typically, a hiring coordinator organizes and supervises the hiring process. This position is usually part of the HR department or recruiting agency. However, hiring coordinators may also be contractors.

Recruiting coordinators are responsible for supporting the company’s staffing needs. They manage the candidate flow, schedule interviews, and work with other HR professionals on optimizing the hiring process. The recruitment coordinator’s responsibilities may also include:

  • Fostering the communication between departments involved in the recruitment process

  • Coaching for the staff and onboarding for the newly hired employees

  • Conducting training events for employees

  • Research and analysis of recruitment channels

  • Participation in the recruitment strategy development

  • Filing background checks and credit- or drug-related tests if applicable

  • Provision of accurate vacancy scopes

All in all, it is a job title that requires diverse skills and experience in the recruitment sphere. However, there is plenty of space for career growth for such specialists.

Recruiting Coordinator Salary Information

The national average salary for recruiting coordinators in the US is $47,262 per year as of 2020. An entry-level recruiting coordinator can expect an average salary of around $46,378. A recruitment coordinator with up to four years of experience may earn approximately $48,786, while those with over five years of relevant work history may be receiving an average of $50,567. People with more than ten years of experience as recruiting coordinators earn an average of $53,459.

Required Skills for Recruiting Coordinators

The work of a recruiting coordinator involves constant interaction with a large number of people. That is why a specialist in the field of recruiting must have a balanced character and a variety of other skills and characteristics, including:

  • Organizational skills. A recruitment coordinator must be able to have a systematic approach to personal work projects and corporate tasks. The person with this job title should present thoughts in a structured manner, prioritize, and stick to deadlines.

  • Communication skills. A person who does not know how to establish contacts, listen, who does not want to communicate and maintain a discussion, cannot fulfill the duties of a recruitment coordinator. Sociability is a critical quality in the HRM sphere.

  • Stress-resistance. An experienced coordinator knows all the shortcomings of work and has a well-established line of behavior. A professional can find common ground with any applicant and has the skills to conduct different types of interviews.

  • Analytical skills. A recruiting coordinator’s job involves the constant analysis of information: questionnaires, resumes, performance reports, metrics. If the coordinator is not endowed with an analytical mindset, there is a high probability of mistakes that would negatively affect the company’s profitability.

Besides those, the knowledge of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, Microsoft Office, and scheduling programs are among the standard prerequisites for those who wish to work as a recruiting coordinator.

Recruiting Coordinator Job Description Sample

A typical job description for the recruiting coordinator job position looks as follows:

Vacancy: Recruiting Coordinator at an IT Recruiting Agency

Hello! We are an IT recruiting agency. We are engaged in the selection of IT specialists for other companies around the USA. Our agency already has over 70 employees (about 55 of which are recruiters working in 12 teams) and growing. Therefore, we need a coordinator who will put things in order, create new tools/rules, monitor their observance, and provide regular reports.

You have to act as a link between recruitment teams, providing synchronization and information exchange. Your main goal is to ensure that each of the recruiters is aware of all the available vacancies.

The duties of the sought-after employee for the vacant position of“Recruiting Coordinator” include the following:

  • Weekly collection of information about changes in vacancies and clients from team leaders and senior recruiters;

  • Control of this information’s correctness and monthly spot checks of the quality of database maintenance (statuses, candidate profiles);

  • Keeping statistics on operational indicators, optimization of business processes;

  • Creation of an informational digest on current vacancies; and

  • Formation of a weekly newsletter about significant changes.

The main requirements for this job position are:

  • Understanding IT. We constantly have a large number of vacancies, which have to be understood to compile a digest and test the recruiters’ knowledge correctly;

  • Excellent communication skills and perseverance;

  • Ability to organize information and present it in a compact form both orally and in writing;

  • Experience in using diagrams, infographics (including in educational projects) will be an advantage; and

  • High attentiveness and developed logical thinking.

We consider candidates with no experience in recruiting. Your expertise in monitoring and evaluating other people’s work is more important to us.

We offer the following advantages:

  • A competitive salary and a quarterly bonus;

  • A spacious office, free IT guest lectures, sports activities, coffee and snacks, and a large chill zone;

  • Colossal experience in building the work of all recruiting processes in the company;

  • Five-day work schedule from 10:00 to 17:00, the possibility of partially remote work and flexible working hours after passing the probation period; and

  • Career growth opportunities.

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