Jobs for Pregnant Women: Top Work-From-Home Options

Jobs for Pregnant Women: Top Work-From-Home Options

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, fate tests our limits to know what we are capable of. For example, what should a woman with high-risk pregnancy do if she has bills to pay? She doesn't have anyone who can take care of her, but she can't go to work as she needs to lie down a lot.

The best solution in such a scenario is to work from home, of course. Luckily, it's hardly a challenge in 2021. On the contrary, with the growing popularity and increasing penetration of telecommuting, pregnant women can easily find a dream job from home. Moreover, more and more companies allow switching to remote practices if this is possible.

With this in mind, practically any remote vacancy can serve as a pregnant job. This article will present a list of top work-from-home options for mothers-to-be and cover the primary tools necessary for a comfortable home office.

Best Work-at-Home Jobs for Pregnant Women

When choosing pregnant jobs, you need to consider your stress level. In other words, exclude remote vacancies that come with a lot of stress. The baby and your state of health should be among your top priorities.

Here, we have prepared a list of possible jobs for pregnant women:

1. Blogger

Blogging is a prevalent occupation these days. Ever since the social media boom, more and more people have understood that they could make money by producing useful, web-based content. What is really great is that you can choose any niche you like: there is no need to push yourself into an area you are uninterested in.

If you don't like attention, you can create content for other bloggers. Texts and visuals are everything you need for a blog.

2. Copywriter

Copywriting is a job with maximum flexibility: you are free to work whenever and wherever you want, as long as you stay on top of your deadlines. Sometimes, you can also manage the deadlines on your own.

Being a writer doesn't necessarily mean that you are laboring over writing a book. You can work for a content agency that will provide you with a constant flow of smaller tasks. If you are skillful enough, you can try to become a published author for authoritative resources – maybe one day you will enter the Forbes community.

3. Proofreader or Editor

If writing is not your thing, but you have a good head for grammar and syntax, you can try on an editor or a proofreader's role. Proofreading and editing are cheaper in terms of payment per task, but you can process larger volumes. If you work for an agency with plenty of editing opportunities, you can make quite a good living. By the way, the perks of high flexibility also take place here - making it an excellent job for pregnant women.

4. Virtual Assistant

Here you can select from a wide variety of jobs. You can always start your own business or become a part-time virtual assistant for any company. Take on as many clients as you like, manage your schedule, and develop yourself in a particular career niche.

If you'd like, you can even become an administrative VA – this is a person who manages customer service calls, appointments, and emails. All in all, there are so many opportunities for you to choose from that you will probably need several days to make up your mind.

5. Website Tester

Although you may think that testing websites is a hard job, in reality, it's not. All you have to is to check whether the website or a web app is working correctly or not. You act as a regular user and click everywhere you can.

Although the payment may not be high, you can take on many projects and make some extra cash when you are waiting for your next doctor's appointment. Yes, the job is so simple that it fits into even the busiest schedule of a pregnant woman.

6. Tutor

If you like kids and have a major in Education, tutoring can become an ideal job for you. With the help of modern technologies, you can easily connect with students wherever they are. This makes the job even easier: you don't need to search for clients locally.

By the way, with the rise of lifelong learning, you don't need to focus on high-school graduates or little kids. You can also teach those who need retraining or want to upgrade their hard skills.

7. Transcriber

This job is attractive as you don't need any particular skills to start it. All you need is a calm working space (there should be no distracting external noises), quick comprehension, and a fast WPM typing speed.

However, on the flip side, the pay isn't going to impress you - at least, not in the beginning. If you want to make real money with transcriptions, you should aim for narrow-field specializations. Go into the medical or legal area.

8. Social Media Moderator

If you are an active social media user and understand social media networking basics, moderating may be a feasible pregnant job for you. Your job will be to manage daily posts and tweets, monitor and improve the account stats, and, probably, communicate with the clients in DMs.

It will hardly be a problem for you to find a job. Since social media is prospering, businesses care about their presence there even more than before. So, you, as a professional, are in demand.

9. Search Engine Evaluator

The job entails rating search results for various criteria - for example, you can analyze how useful or correct they are. The job is fairly straightforward, but the downside is that it is difficult to find full-time work as a search engine evaluator. You will likely need an additional part-time job to cover your bills.

10. Customer Support

Although it may be hard to imagine that you don't need to go to the office to work as a customer support representative, today, you really don't. You can provide support via calls or texts regardless of where you are.

Some employers may even allow you a somewhat flexible timetable. If you want to be able to work from any place, opt for text support. For this, a silent workspace isn't a must.

11. Recruiter

Those who like sourcing talent can efficiently do this from home. You just need access to corporate accounts, a laptop, and high-speed Internet. After this, keep searching for potential employees, promoting your HR-brand on the labor market, and managing the recruitment process.

Tools for Success

Working from home can't be effective without the necessary tools that create a suitable working atmosphere. Pregnant women need to pay special attention to these tools to ensure their health state is all right. Here is a list of tools to get:

Furnished Working Space

You can never go wrong buying a desk and a comfortable chair. However, when you are pregnant, you need to consider that with time, standard furniture may not be comfortable any longer. That's why a desk with an adjustable height is a reasonable solution.

As for the chair, think about your back and its comfort when choosing. You can also buy an exercise ball that will strengthen the back and abdominal muscles.  Later, you can use it for fitness. 

Snacks and Water

It's better to store a lot of healthy snacks somewhere near your desk. It will save you much time and energy: you won't need to go to the kitchen every time you want a quick bite.

Water is a must-have for everyone, not just pregnant women. The body must always be hydrated; therefore, a water bottle at the desk is one of the ten commandments.


Software for remote work is an essential element for effectiveness. Without it, you can forget about remote collaboration and, therefore, productivity. Moreover, it allows you to manage all the data wherever you are.

For example, with Lanteria's software, you can streamline all HR processes, from core HR to hiring and onboarding. If you want to learn more about remote work capabilities, please, contact our representative.

With all these tools, you will enjoy any remote work. Just find the right combination that will set up a comfortable atmosphere and start working. Productivity and efficiency are guaranteed.

By the way, the pandemic has significantly accelerated the adoption of digital communication in hiring. This doesn't seem like a problem now: all you have to do is close the gaps successfully.

Working from home when being pregnant is no longer a problem. Just find an occupation that appeals to you most and begin developing yourself. This can be a life-changing event, after all.

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