Lanteria and SharePoint 2019: What to expect

Microsoft has recently announced the general availability of SharePoint Server 2019. With the new release, Microsoft is demonstrating that selecting an On-Premise SharePoint installation is still an important option. Many organizations that currently operate in on-premise and hybrid modes, will now get the same features and benefits as the “cloud” customers do.

SharePoint Server 2019 will be the fifth version of SharePoint supported by Lanteria, as it has operated on the server for over 10 years (after 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016)! 
Below you will find highlights of the new features and benefits customers can expect from
Lanteria HR for SharePoint 2019.

New User Experience / Modern UI

The user experience is the key to a successful system adoption. This upgrade features major UX enhancements that make navigating and working on SharePoint that much easier. It also includes a set of UI features that improve the interaction users have with the system.

Modern Pages and Lists

In a business application such as an HR system, users work with data records every day.  In order to increase efficiency, it is important to be able manipulate the data quickly with ease, especially considering the busy schedules of HR professionals in all companies.  On SharePoint Server 2019, working with data in SharePoint lists will help you to stay organized and save even more time.

The modern pages allow you to design and share information with employees in a more effective way – with embedded web parts, video, Office documents etc.

Deeper PowerApps and Flow Integration

PowerApps and Flows are powerful tools to extend standard functionality by building your own custom form or workflow. In addition to the customizations you can do within Lanteria HR; you can also use PowerApps or Flow to implement your specific scenario or HR process.

Home Page and App Launcher

Similar to SharePoint Online, the Homepage and App Launcher menu is an easy way to work with a SharePoint based HR application or HR portal.

PDF Viewer

Lanteria HR stores most employee documents and files. With the SharePoint Server 2019, you will be able to preview PDF documents right on the site.

OneDrive for Business

Another improvement is that document management is integrated with OneDrive for Business. Now you can store and process employee and company documents using OneDrive storage.

On-Premises / Hybrid Environments

The Hybrid deployment is a perfect way to integrate your On-Premise SharePoint with rich business applications and Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Lanteria HR has a number of successful implementations in the Hybrid mode. With SharePoint 2019 IT professionals will be able to manage hybrid environments easier.


The new Lanteria HR for SharePoint 2019 is on its way now. Our development team plans to release it in the spring of 2019. We are thrilled to bring an even better user experience and many more benefits to our customers with this new platform!

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