Lanteria HR referral program - will you participate?

Great news! Right now Lanteria HR offers a referral partner program. We’ve noticed that most of our new clients want to thank the people who recommended our product, and thus we’ve decided to encourage and motivate our brand advocates to spread the word.

How much can you earn?

Let’s take a story about a totally fictional SharePoint consultant named Jeremy. Jeremy is a dedicated reader of this blog and a SharePoint specialist . He is an independent consultant who works with a horticulture goods company from Cleveland. There are five hundred employees in the company providing Ohio with potting soil and various fertilizers. They use SharePoint for almost everything as their seasonal business requires the fastest and the most efficient solution.

So Jeremy suggests they improve their HR processes by using Lanteria HR. The  total cost of the license fee, implementation and first-year maintenance and support for a company of their size is $65,542. The referral commission is 10% of total project cost, which means that Jeremy will get roughly $6,500. Jeremy spends it on a trip to Europe.

So how do I join?

For many companies, choosing a new software solution may take weeks and even months in some cases. But the reason they choose our software was your recommendation, and we respect that. So every  time you say “Hey, why don’t you save some time and use Lanteria HR for that?”, don’t forget to make a note at the Lanteria Partner Portal to submit a lead. Then you can earn big!

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