Lanteria Implements Enhanced Security and Usage Analysis With The New Audit Trail

The new auditing subsystem helps diagnosing and preventing potential security issues and demonstrates how users utilize Lanteria HR. The new feature logs all actions users do and data they access.

Now you can easily answer the following questions:

  • Which user was accessing the system and when?
  • Who updated a record and when?
  • What actions has this user taken recently?
  • Who uses the system most often?
  • Which features of the system are most useful?

Lanteria HR implemented a new System Usage Dashboard for advanced user statistics and security. This way company managers will always be able to see detailed usage statistics, including:

  • system usage by module
  • system usage by role
  • top users
  • modules usage by role
  • top used pages by role

New Dashboard offers an easy, real-time approach to monitoring Lanteria HR usage data over time, with the ability to drill into details or actions to uncover possible issues and trends.

Lanteria HR enables you to meet auditing, compliance and security requirements as well as analyze system adoption company wide.

Kelly Tucker
Managing Director of HR Star
HR is about putting humans back in the heart of every business - and that is what I do.

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