Lanteria Launches New Mobile HR Management Application for iOS and Android

Lanteria Launches New Mobile HR Management Application

For HR Managers in 2018, mobile access is no longer a workplace luxury, but instead an absolute necessity. Therefore, we have released the Lanteria HR mobile app, which provides access to the system and the information HR staff needs to do the job on the go!

The Lanteria HR app makes human resource management and employee collaboration convenient and efficient. Now you can work with the employee’s personal data and documents, request and approve absences, and use many other functions through your mobile device, available both for iOS or Android. Just download and install the app from the AppStore or Google Play Market and log in with your user credentials.
*Please note that in order to use Lanteria HR mobile, your company must have a Lanteria HR system installed and running. The mobile application can only be used with the desktop version of Lanteria HR. Applicable for version 4.4.125 and all later versions of Lanteria HR. If you experience any trouble with the app, please contact your system administrator.

Kelly Tucker
Managing Director of HR Star
HR is about putting humans back in the heart of every business - and that is what I do.

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