Lanteria releases the new version of its HR management system for SharePoint and Office 365

The new 4.4.0 version has changed the system’s appearance and functionality dramatically and we would like to present all enhancements to you in this short article.


When you open the new version of Lanteria HR, first you will notice the improvements in our system’s design. We have always strived for clean and simple style, but in this version the interface became even more intuitive.


SharePoint HR system


Now you can always find what you need where you need it, in just one click. For example, in the latest version you will find all configuration settings, already combined into a single integrated subsystem, located in the Settings menu - easy to access and setup.

HRMS for Office365

Lanteria HR starts traditionally with a dashboard that shows you all the main processes in the company on simple and colorful charts. In the new version we have added dashboards for Compensation, Performance and Learning modules to extend your knowledge about all structural changes made within your organization.

HR system for SharePoint and Office365

Export this information into enhanced Report Builder and design any kind of report you need, using our templates or creating custom ones.


New version of Lanteria HR provides the advanced time-tracking feature: Clock In / Clock Out. Now you can track time, spent on various activities, by clicking special button on each page of the system. Calculated time will be saved automatically to your Timesheets.


For your convenience, the system now comes with a predefined content, such as initial configuration settings, approval and review workflow templates, sample forms for performance reviews, and a number of letters and certificates to significantly simplify your HR tasks.


HR managers will definitely appreciate the new system’s ability to customize forms using Ribbon Editor. With Ribbon Editor you can deactivate and hide tabs, groups and actions on the ribbon instead of deleting them, if the functionality is not needed at the moment.

Lanteria HR - SharePoint HRMS

The new version of Lanteria HR empowers users to export selected employee data and employees’ salary details into a .csv file and upload it to an FTP server or send it by e-mail on a regular basis.


Recruiting module has got a number of enhancements. Now you get real-time statistic on vacancies, candidates and interviews. Managing vacancies, updating candidate statuses and adding notes became easier with onscreen buttons.

Applicant tracking system by Lanteria ATS

Some major edits were also made in the Learning Catalog. Its functionality was enhanced, now offering powerful search tools, filtering, and ability to add and view additional details on courses.

LMS for SharePoint by Lanteria

Performance review form is more easy-to-use now. You can navigate through the sections, focus on specific content and export the whole form to PDF with one click.

The new version of Lanteria HR is already available for use both on premises and in a cloud. Please, contact our representative to get more information about it.

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