Meet Lanteria on HRTX Virtual Hardcore Sourcing Event by RecruitingDaily

We've partnered with the team at RecruitingDaily to help bring the industry's largest 2-Day Virtual Sourcing Event in 2020 at NO COST!


Why attend?


Guys from RecruitingDaily fled the traditional "virtual summit" model on its head. They hand-selected 18 of the highest-rated trainers that they've worked with over the last 12 months and built a virtual sourcing event around them. Each trainer has been paired into random groups of 2, and...then we got out of the way.

That means - NO AGENDA

Each group of trainers will work directly with you (the audience) on live reqs in real-time and deliver real candidates during the training. They will work together LIVE to design, build, and execute on the selected searches so that you can see and hear how they work while the "cameras are off" and they are doing their "day job".

  • Live Requisitions
  • Paired Sourcing Challanges
  • Bring Your Team
  • Live Q&A



# 3

It's 100% >>> free registration>>>

Still any hesitation?... Watch this charismatic man Ryan (CMO at RecruitingDaily)

Video HRTX

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