New Lanteria eSignature capabilities with DocuSign integration


11.01.2018: Lanteria HR embeds DocuSign to help companies eliminate paperwork and go 100% digital

Integration between Lanteria HR and DocuSign helps companies of all sizes and industries speed up their document management and implement eSignature. Now you can significantly reduce paperwork and manual document processing.

 “This strategic shift will help global companies drive major paper-based HR processes to digital, increase security, productivity and enhance the overall user experience.” - says Sergey Balog, Lanteria’s CTO.

 DocuSign integration is available in the Recruiting module to provide its customers with even better recruiting experience. eSignature feature requires a DocuSign customer account in order to be activated. Once active, both the recruiters and candidates will be able to track all documents and sign them electronically. Document statuses update automatically without the manager having to worry with manual input. 

With the integration of DocuSign, Lanteria customers can:

* Implement eSignature - Documents are signed electronically via trusted processor.

* Reduce costs on Recruitment - DocuSign eliminates printing, scanning, and other paperwork.

* Improve End-User Experience – Lanteria HR streamlines the HR process and makes it more transparent for all users.

Kelly Tucker
Managing Director of HR Star
HR is about putting humans back in the heart of every business - and that is what I do.

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