Panel Discussion: How HR Tech helps with the challenges of the post-pandemic world

How HR Tech helps with the challenges of the post-pandemic world


Learn which technology solutions prove to be indispensable in coping with the HR & Talent acquisition challenges. We invited two experienced HR professionals to guide you through the topic.

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We'll go over:

  • Building a collaborative environment in the Zoom era
  • Remote work and how it created a new digital etiquette
  • People data and its security
  • Wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion
  • Establishing pay for performance

Our speakers:

Emma El-Karout, cheerleader of One Circle, an online community of freelance HR experts ready to work on your HR projects on-demand. Passionate about actively combating societal issues like unemployment, gender and age bias, and the retention of experienced workers in the economy.

Al Adamsen, Founder & CEO of the People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) Community & Conference Series, a global network committed to promoting the responsible, ethical use of people data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Video recording of the panel discussion is below:

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