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SharePoint Server is mostly known for document collaboration as well as for hosting some of the best Intranets in the world, however what really got it famous in the enterprise is all the customizations you can add to it so it answers to your specific business needs. As SharePoint got famous, so did its partner ecosystem, offering all kind of add-ons to manage everything from your internal Holiday Requests, to your public Internet knowledge base and helpdesk system. One thing that all companies have in common is employees, and the need for a system to manage them. Instead of building a full HR Management System from zero, a SharePoint vendor since 2006, created a full HR management system that sits on top of SharePoint and offers a lot of functionality.

Last year, I did a Review of the Lanteria HR Management System for SharePoint that shows the product as well as a high level overview of what we can do. In this blog post, we will focus strictly on the Performance Module

PS: If you’re interested by Performance Reviews in SharePoint, Lanteria is organizing a webinar titled “Performance evaluations made easy with SharePoint” on June 23rd at 11 PST and you can register for free over here:

Lanteria HR Performance Module Overview

The Lanteria Performance tool is a SharePoint Add-on that aims to automate and simplify the process of employee performance evaluations. Lanteria allows you to start Performance Reviews, Set Goals as well as do 360 feedback rounds.

When creating a Performance Review, there are many parameters you can customize according to your business needs such as Start and Due Date, using a pre-made template as well as a custom workflow.

Furthermore, you can select to what Companies, Countries, OrgUnits or even Job Roles this review applies to in order to ask the right questions to the right employees.

If you don’t want to assign a Performance Review to a whole OrgUnit, you can also create an AdHoc review to only one user, for example, after his probationary/introductory period is done!

The Workflow as well as the form can be easily customized from the Lanteria Settings Page to include the steps that you want

The Forms are easy to use by employees and provide a modern feel instead of doing it by paper as a lot of companies still do

With all this data available, the Lanteria HR Management System also produces cool looking reports of your Performance Reports so you can see at a glance how your company is doing and present them.

And you have a lot of Out of the Box reports that can be used to view information.

Again, with all the data the system has, it also gives you a Powerful Skills or Competency Search Engine

I could filter by Certificates, Education, Training completed as well as specify some competency and only look for employees that master those skills.


The Lanteria Performance Module which is part of the Lanteria Management System allows Human Resources professionals to easily assign, measure and customize performance reviews for all their employees. While the Lanteria Performance Module can be a standalone product, when you pair it with the rest of the Lanteria HRMS you get a complete HR Management System, running on the same SharePoint Farm as all your other SharePoint Applications. No Extra Hardware or user education needed.

If you’re looking for a HR Management System for SharePoint and don’t want to waste years creating it from zero, make sure you check out Lanteria and ask them for a demo! You can also click the logo below to go to the Lanteria Site to get in contact with them!




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