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Lanteria Skills


Skills exist as an entity within the Lanteria System alongside competencies. Although in our vernacular we often equate skills and competencies as synonyms, within the Lanteria environment, there are nuanced differences.

Competencies: Competencies are associated directly with the Performance Module and can be assessed in performance reviews. They are comprehensive items with descriptions and criteria, defined levels of aptitude, and are furthermore linked to job roles.

Skills: Skills are stand-alone items within the Core HR Module. They can be defined within the system and assigned to particular employees and candidates. Either the candidate possesses the specified skill, or they do not.

To define the skills available within your system:

1. Go to the "Settings and Configuration" panel

2. Access the Core HR Module "Settings"

3. Open the "Employee Database" section

4. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab

5. Locate the “Person Attributes Categories” and click "Edit"



6. Once the "Person Attribute Categories" list opens, click “New Item”



7. Enter the name of the category you wish to add and click save.

8. Next, return to the "Configuration and Settings" and open the “Person Attributes" list.


9. Once the list is open, click “New Item”


10. In the dialogue box that populates, open the dropdown menu to select the "Person Attribute" category to which the new skill will belong.

11. On the "Title" line, enter the name of the skill and save your new skill.


Assigning a Skill to an Employee or Candidate


Having defined the skill and corresponding category within the "Settings and Configuration" panel, you should now assign the skill to an employee. Skills can be assigned to either employees or candidates in the same way.

1. Open the "Employee database" in the Core HR Module (alternatively you can open the Candidate Database within the Recruiting Module).

2. Open the employee card of the employee you wish to edit by clicking on the name of the employee.

3. Navigate the employee card ribbon at the top of the card to the “Enhanced” tab.

4. Click the "Skills" icon.


5. On the Skills screen that now shows, click the “add/edit” button.

6. In the list that populates, check the box of the skills that apply to this employee.

7. Click Save.


The employee is now linked to the skills selected and can be used to evaluate the individual for candidacy of future vacancies, promotions, consultants, or whatever need you may have.

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