Successful talent acquisition using recruitment automation

Recruiting automation using Lanteria HR

Recruiting is an extremely important function of Human Resources, as it directly impacts the overall success of the company. Today’s job market is known to be inconsistent, with changes occurring quickly and without notice. When considering the evolution of technology, continued education, updated policies and procedures and turnover rates for younger job seekers, a company’s survival could depend on their ability to recruit a strong, loyal and adaptable workforce.

Human Resource departments face many challenges with the recruiting aspect of building and sustaining a team, one of the most difficult is finding appropriate candidates and managing candidate information efficiently in the database.

Another obstacle in recruiting is the race against time. The market is very competitive, and when the recruiting process takes too long, companies often lose the advantage. In order for a Human Resource manager to move through the hiring process quickly enough, while also ensuring that the person is qualified and a good fit for the team, the recruiting process must be automated. 

Automating this area will allow your HR managers to focus on conducting the interviews and analyze vast amounts of data quickly, leaving them with the ability to make informed, confident decisions that translate into better employees and reduced costs.


Essential Functions of the Recruiting Module:

Candidate Database

This database stores all internal and external candidate data and documents, collects candidate information and allows the user to create custom notes. Information from the Applicant Self-Service Portal appears in this database automatically and is visible for tracking throughout different stages of the recruiting process. The database can also evaluate and prioritize candidates, generate letters, schedule interviews and link to a calendar application.

Job Openings Management

Job Openings can be created and automatically posted to the Applicant Self-service Portal or the internal company site. For every opening, HR can create a custom set of questions to be published with the posting. Vacancies can either be managed strictly by HR, or another approval process can be designed. Another option is a pre-designed template, that guides managers conducting the interview, through specific questions designed to ensure that company policies and requirements for different job roles are maintained.

Managing Interviews

With this functionality HR managers can set up and manage interviews for selected candidates, assign interviewers and set up standardized interview templates. Automated mail notifications will be provided to all interview participants after HR sets up an interview.

Applicant Self-Service Portal

This function allows applicants to apply for open positions and significantly reduces the recruiter’s time spent sourcing candidates. Every candidate has a profile, where applications can be submitted, job offers received, etc. All candidate data is automatically stored in the Candidate Database. The Applicant Self-service Portal is also customizable to individual company requirements and requests.


The Report center allows users to run reports tracking all candidates, job postings, application status, or any other Recruiting data that may need to be analyzed.


Lanteria HR is a solution to all major recruiting challenges. By automating the recruiting process, your company will save time, increase the efficiency of the hiring process and ensure quality hiring decisions.

We pride ourselves in the flexibility to customize solutions when it is needed and also provide a top-notch standard solution. Our Development center efficiently implements customized and standard solutions, and our Support team is available to our customers 24/7.

Don’t let Recruiting hold you back from success any longer, automate with Lanteria HR and let us be your solution!


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