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Switching to HR Cloud Solutions

Switching to HR Cloud Solutions
Switching to HR Cloud Solutions

Solve Challenging HR Problems With HR Cloud Solutions

Having troubles with your current manual HR system? An automated cloud HR system will help you organize your company files in no time with added security.

Overview of HR Cloud Solutions 

The new cloud HR system type has opened new possibilities for companies to keep big files on PTO, payroll, onboarding, reporting, benefits, and self-service - all while enjoying heightened security measures. You can enjoy the benefits of cloud-based software for as long as you want while just paying subscription fees.

What Are HR Cloud Solutions?

HR cloud solutions use the internet to meet HR needs. The company's Human Resources is able to store data on the internet with a service provider. You don't have to move from one desktop to another to get the files that you need: just go to an internet browser, connect to your HR cloud service provider, and access the files.

HR cloud also allows you to manage employee data, create forms and templates, manage company information and plans, and do much more electronically. Now, you don't have to go from office to office to collate and manage data. 

Benefits of HR Cloud Solutions

If you've subscribed to any cloud-based HR software, you can enjoy the following perks:

1. Unlimited Space for Office Files

With the traditional desktop version of saving files, you’re clogging up available disk space. But, with HR cloud, you have unlimited storage on the internet. Y

2. Save on Installation Costs

You will not have to worry about installation fees. HR cloud is internet-based software that doesn't need any installation to get started. You just need to subscribe to a trusted provider who'll manage the data storage. Just upload your files, and you're good to go.

3. Standardized HR Process

In the cloud, data is centralized and accessible for employees. Therefore, you and your employees will have a standardized process of doing work based on the uploaded data for each task. 

4. Real-Time Assessments

You don't have to wait at the end of the day to analyze an employee's performance. You can check their data and work finished using the HR cloud in real-time. You can send out any learning course immediately when you find a poor evaluation of performance.

5. Fast Task Deployment

With just one click, you can assign workloads to your employees, and you don't have to send out your secretary to distribute files. Using the cloud-based HR system, you can pin tasks in your employees' dashboard or sync emails to send the task to them.

6. Availability of HR Templates

Since you can store large amounts of HR data, you'll be able to save templates that you created even after a long time. You don't have to create the same files repeatedly since you have saved templates that you can access anytime.

Here are some of the HR templates you can easily use:

  • Time off request form
  • Leave request form
  • Vacation request form
  • Travel Request form
  • Employee application form
  • Exit interview form
  • Employee expense report form
  • Disciplinary action form
  • HR case management form
  • HR work request form

7. Accountable Employees

Suppose there are problems encountered with the files in the company. You can trace who uploaded the files and do a proper and easier investigation. Having employees accountable for their actions can also promote efficient and honest work within the organization. This will help employees be more careful and more serious about their work.

8. Centralized Data

You don't have to go through folders in your office. You can just go to the site of your cloud-based HR software provider, then access your files in an integrated data storage. You have all your files in one system, where you'll easily navigate and locate the information you need.

You can also see the trends of productivity within the company that can help you analyze and predict future company and employee performance. It wouldn't take you weeks or hours to create reports on how the company's doing. You can make concrete and real-time reports with speed and accuracy.

9. Accessibility of Files Anywhere

HR cloud solutions are internet-based, so you can access your HR files with just an internet connection and a device. Even if you're not in your office and you need to get important data, with just your username, email, and password, you'll be able to access the thousands of files your company stored.

For example, let’s say an emergency came up at night. You can use your smartphone to log in to your account and find any files you need. Therefore, you can solve problems immediately without riding and going to your office in unexpected situations.

10. Ready Back-Up

Usually, when a malware attack happens and your files don't have any back-ups, starting from scratch is an incredibly stressful experience - but if you have a cloud HR system, this won't be a problem at all. The data you've stored is remotely backed up so that you'll always feel secure.

11. Cost-Effective Subscription

Most online cloud-based HR software providers ask for subscription fees to continuously store all your data. In the long run, this will save you lots of money since you don't have to purchase or maintain costly server hardware. 

12. Dependable Support System

You don't have to hire IT specialists as experts when there's a problem with your system. Cloud HR systems have their own support team of experts to help you. The team’s expertise is covered by your subscription payment, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Downsides of HR Cloud Solutions

Even though HR Cloud solutions have lots of benefits you can enjoy, it still has loopholes. They are as follows:

1. Internet Connectivity Problems

Since HR cloud-based solutions use the internet, you are at the mercy of connectivity. If you’re having connection problems, you won’t be able to access your data until the problem is fixed. 

2. Unexpected Updates or Changes From Provider

HR cloud providers often roll out changes and updates. When this happens, you might not be familiar with the system, so you need to learn again how to manage the files. You need to have another orientation with the provider to relay the new information to your employees.

3. Delayed Work Due to Password Resets

Employees often forget the passwords to the HR cloud software. It takes some time to reset the password - during which the employees can be unproductive in the office. You'll have to get in touch with your software provider to ask for password resets, which can also take up the time you can use to do other tasks.

4. Late Payment Can Cause No Access

Since the cloud HR system is on a subscription payment basis, you'll have no access to your database if your company has delays in payment. Then, you'll have no files to work with that can compromise the workflow within your organization. 

Data Security in HR Cloud Solutions

HR cloud solutions guarantee a high level of security for all your data. The system works with a multi-faceted web architectural design to protect all your files. For a more detailed description, here are the ways the software security works:

Safe Data Transfer

You don't have to worry about your files getting stolen or corrupted during data transfer. After all, the files you upload are transferred with TLS/1.2, which is known as the most secure protocol for transferring data.

Prevents Physical Tampering

You can avoid any physical tampering by using the Dell/EMC hardware and AES256 bit encryption in HR Cloud to secure your data from a faulty drive.

Data Filtering Products 

If you think that anyone can just get your data, HR cloud has data filtering products utilized, such as firewalls, to protect your files from unauthorized access.

Avoids Any Malware Attacks

You'll have increased protection from known viruses and other unknown malware using the next-generation endpoint in HR cloud - it identifies attacks and protects your data simultaneously.

Gives Protection Through Patches

Installation of patches from time to time is a form of security. The updates allow the system to improve where loopholes causing weak protection are continuously changed to improve service.

Continuous System Check-Up

HR cloud systems should always scan their software to check for any vulnerabilities. With monitoring routines, any unusual activities that can cause harm to the scan be fixed early to avoid further damages.

Experts Handle the Problems

IT experts handle any problems. You're in good hands when you can consult authorized experts about incidents using your system. With the experience and knowledge of the team of experts, you won't have to wait for long to fix your worries.

Complies with SOC2 Data Security

Suppose your employees are hesitant about sharing their personal data. You can assure them with the SOC2 that your company's private details will be taken care of properly. The data will be managed safely, with integrity, and with confidentiality.

Follows GDPR 

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR allows you to have control over your employees' personal data to keep it safe. You and your employees will have full rights over your personally identifiable information. 

How to Use HR Cloud Solutions

You might be a little bit overwhelmed with the HR cloud solutions, but using them is not as complicated as you think. Here are the steps to use your HR cloud system:

  1. Choose a trusted cloud software provider. Research the company's offer and credibility with its service. Be careful in sharing your company details, especially to unreliable vendors of Cloud, and you might end up giving all your data that can compromise the company's safety.
  2. Create an account as an HR administrator to manage all the data within the company. An administrator will be the one to have access to all the company files. You'll be the sole holder of the Cloud account, and you can edit and check data all the time. You need to be responsible for the big chunks of information handed to you.
  3. Add your employees to the data system, and once your workers are part of the HR cloud, they can create their accounts. 
  4. Set up the company's records from location, departments, and more. 
  5. Assign user roles to the employees according to their responsibilities in the company.
  6. Customize the employee's details based on your requirements. You can also upload templates that your workers can use as a guide.
  7. Use a checklist builder to assign tasks to your employees. You'll be able to set deadlines to be sent out to your employees.
  8. Classify and assign tasks. You can give individual or multi-contributor tasks to your employees depending on the nature of the work that needs to be done. 
  9. Create any types of forms needed. You can save these forms that can be accessible to your employees if they need them, specifically request forms on leaves and vacations.
  10. Test out the workflow of your HR Cloud system if it works smoothly. You can try out the demo versions of a software provider to avoid wasting money if it doesn't work well.

Best Software for HR Cloud Solutions

When you need to choose your software provider for HR Cloud solutions, here are the following things you need to see in a provider to land on the best software:

  • Has Employee Information Management

HR cloud software providers should have an organized system in storing employee details that include personal information, salary grade, tax information, insurance, company requests, disciplinary probation history, and evaluation details. The following information will help you track the employees you have.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Features

One of HR's important jobs is to hire the best and qualified job seekers. With an HR cloud solution, you can easily accept and reject applications based on the system's information. You can compare candidates' qualifications without having to go through lots of papers. 

  • Talent Management Programs

Performance evaluation is a tedious process where you need to fill out forms to be able to assess an employee. If you have a talent management program in your system, you'll be able to have quick analytics of the performance of the employees. The performance board can also create an efficient working environment in the office as employees do their best to get top evaluation scores.

  • Tracks Employee Benefits

Keeping track of employee's benefits using manual labor can cause errors, especially when files are missing for long-time workers. So, having benefits management in your HR cloud system will help you work with the benefits information of your employees. You'll be able to track down the years of records that a worker has applied benefits for in your company.

  • Caters to Company's Financial Planning

One of the tedious manual tasks of an HR administrator is giving the right salary to their employees. You need to keep records of salary grades, bonuses, rewards, and other recognition. If there are many workers, you can confuse payrolls, which will cause problems. That being said, you need a financial management system feature in the Cloud HR system to avoid any wrong calculations and compensations for your employees.

  • Has Time and Attendance Management

You'll be able to create a centralized system of checking attendance in the company. Also, you can send out the weekly schedules of your employees with just a click. The workflow within the company would be smooth without wrong scheduling. 

Another good point is that electronic monitoring can give accurate information needed for the company salary basis to monitor the clock in and clock out. Therefore, you can also track overtime, absences, and late to connect with the payroll.

  • Has Training and Learning Courses

Your employees can access courses that will help them learn important up-to-date information relevant to their work. You can also track the seminars and certifications your workers have for promotion purposes. 

  • Has Accounting Features

Tracking the company's assets and liabilities is important to have the right budget. You need to know if there are any problems or missing cash. You can also create a prediction on sales using the accounting details. Thus, it is important to have an accounting system feature in your Cloud.

  • Has Technical Aspects Relating to Compatibility

Compatibility with browsers and devices is important. You'll have a hard time if your provider's software is not accessible. It will be good to have mobile and desktop functionality to have unlimited data access anywhere. You won't have any troubles even during emergency situations since you can just grab your phone and check out the file.

  • Has Security Features

Cloud HR systems guarantee high safety features, but you need to find two key features to keep all your data protected. A SOC2 ensures that the private details of your company will be taken care of properly, and a GDPR that allows you to have control over your employees' personal data to keep it safe. 

Lanteria: Cutting-Edge Cloud-Based Solutions

Although a new system can be overwhelming, switching to HR cloud solutions can highly benefit your company. You don't have to sort through piles of papers looking for the documents you need - nor do you need to set aside a budget for the costly upkeep of server hardware.

Start your HR cloud experience with Lanteria, and you'll have a fully automated system in no time. Our internet-based platform lets you manage all the recruitment processes, forms, company information, and more with ease.


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