System Administrator Job Description

Having reliable technologies and functional software and hardware can significantly improve the efficiency of operations within an organization. A system administrator oversees the upkeep and configuration of computer systems. 

Lanteria HR is outsourcing for a skilled system administrator who can provide IT expertise to maintain the quality of its products and services. 

Interested in becoming part of our team as a System Administrator? Read ahead!

System Administration: What Is It?

System administration pertains to the supervision and maintenance of software and hardware. This is the primary task of system administrators. They are responsible for installing, upgrading, and ensuring that the technical aspects of the organization are still aligned with the objectives it wants to achieve.

What Do System Administrators Do?

Generally, system administrators handle the installation, configuration, and maintenance of computer systems and servers within a company. They also provide organizational members access to computer servers and other IT-related matters. 

Job Profile of a System Administrator

Our company is looking for a system administrator who can effectively facilitate and manage our computer systems, IT infrastructures, and networks. Ideally, candidates must have the following skills:

  • Critical thinking and resourcefulness in troubleshooting issues

  • Strong familiarity with computer systems and operations

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills

Duties and Responsibilities of a System Administrator 

  • Installing necessary software, hardware, and networks to ensure efficient operations

  • Configuring computer systems and servers tailored to the functions and needs of the organization

  • Updating software to ensure efficiency and functionality

  • Maintaining hardware and other IT infrastructure

  • Ensuring the security of computer systems

  • Assessing technical risks and capacities of the organization

System Administrator: Requirements

  • Degree holder in BS/BA Computer Science, Information Technology, or another related field

  • Extensive experience as a system administrator, network administrator, or another related role

  • Strong working knowledge of system, data, and computer security

  • Familiarity with various databases, patch management, and networks such as LAN, WAN

  • Proficiency in producing Python, Perl, or scripts in another language

  • Knowledge of different operating systems

  • Preferably a professional certificate holder (i.e., Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA))

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